Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Forget Me Not

Thank you for returning.  I have been seriously preoccupied and I haven't been available to post, let alone craft.  Hopefully, I have a few life requirements satisfied, and this will allow me to post more often.  {fingers crossed}
I made a purchase from Poland a few weeks ago, and was pleasantly surprised to see how fast my order arrived.  I purchased a pattern paper collection along with coordinating paper blossoms and epoxy discs.  

here is a look at the pattern paper collection

Forget Me Not Pattern Paper Collection
I am very anxious to work with these pattern papers.  They are just gorgeous!  The images are very clean, with beautiful graphics.  I don't have a photo of the other side of these pattern papers.  Not because they aren't pretty, I just didn't think to do so. {frown}  I know most folks like/love two-sided papers with beautiful graphics on both sides.  Me, not so much.  That just translates to me buy two of the same sheet of paper. 

here are the embellishments I purchased

I did purchase two paper blossom bundles.  I photographed these two items on top of Distress card stock.  I wasn't aware that Tim Holtz had created these, and found this textured card stock at a small local scrapbook store.  So, yeah, I purchased two sheets.  This shade of blue really works with my new Forget Me Not pattern paper.
Now, if you would like to purchase your own pattern papers from Lemon Craft, here is a link.  However, please be aware, this shopping site is in Polish only.  I have shopped extensively on the internet, so even though I don't read, write, or speak Polish, I was able to figure out what I needed to do to make my purchase.  I paid for my purchase through PayPal.  For me, that was very easy.

my favorite page

polka dots, text, doilies, and flowers

I have two different projects that I really want to use this pattern paper on.  Let's see which I get done first.  But now, I want to head into my craft room and decorate some stacking boxes.  Stay tuned to see what I create.  And yeah, the final project will be for sale in my Etsy shop.  {smile}

Thank you for looking!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

More Bird House

~ photo heavy post ~

As promised earlier this week, I have several photos of my altered, decorated bird house.  I used various products I already had on hand.  That included pattern papers, paper blossoms, texture card stock, various baubles, rhinestones, vellum, resin pieces, and more!
I used a cream open-crochet trim to outline the roof line.  I also used a green pleated ribbon to border the bottom.

the top of this decorated roof
I added some crepe paper tinsel to the base of the 'hanger'.  I then tied a multi-loop bow out of a light grey seam binding.  I tied some cream and silver bakers twine to the multi-loop bow.  The twine also holds a crown bauble!  (I purposefully left a thin gap between the edges and pattern papers.)  I added a grey resin blossom at the top of the pitch of the roof on the front.

This focal piece, is actually a piece of jewelry.  It is a pendant that I cut the link off.  I heat embossed the sentiment onto vellum in white embossing powder.  I adhered the sentiment to the pendant with a single glue dot.

I added white paint and glitter to the edges of pre-made paper blossoms.  I used textured green card stock for the leaves.  I created a bud from a flat paper blossom.  I wrapped the perch with twine and added a half pearl at the end.  I included a wooden bingo piece (bird) and a half light bulb with 'US' printed on the half bulb.
side views

I added white paint and glitter to these pre-made paper blossoms, as well.  I used a textured green card stock to cut the leaves.  I also added a white enameled zipper pull with heart and rhinestone dangle.  I used the two different shades of pink, to help keep some visual interest.  The zipper pull is adhered to the top of the wall with hot glue, so that the dangle can keep dangling {smile}!

For this side, I did a little different arrangement.  I added a trio of paper blossoms.  These were pre-made.  So, I added white paint and glitter to the petal tips.  The leaves were cut from texture green card stock, and the tips were sponged with a little brown ink.  I used a sweet tiny stamp set, to stamp 'XOXO' onto a scrap piece of cream card stock.  I sponged the edges with the same brown ink, that was sponged on every piece of pattern/solid card stock.  I used a pencil to add some curl to the banner piece.
back side

I heat embossed the 'house' onto vellum card stock and fussy cut it out.  I hand stamped, directly onto the house in Jet Black Staz-On ink.  This was a bit nerve wracking.  But, I didn't have the foresight to do this stamping before I adhered the pattern paper.  [thank goodness, it turned out correct - whew!]
I added a semi-clear button to the heart of the house.  I added a glitter butterfly with half pearl center to the lower left corner.  I didn't want to decorate the back too much, as this side typically isn't seen.  But, I wanted it to be complete.

Thank you so much to stopping by to see what I have been creating!  I hope you have been inspired to visit your local big box store, and look at their dollar bin, with a creative eye!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Bunco One

Whew.  I'm at the end of my big reveal!  I hope you have been inspired and found something creative.  This last prize, number one, is certainly more 'farmland' than you can imagine!
So, let me start with the gift tag.   I used retired pattern papers from Cosmo Cricket and Stampin' Up!.  Both pattern papers embrace farm cooking!  I used the same layout as the previous cards.

the prize:

Ok.  barn red.  chicken wire.  altered clothes pins.  and a retro pattern.  I purchased the simple frame from a big box store.  Painted it literally bard red.  I used sand paper to distress the frame.  I sealed the distress with a clear coat.  I used my husbands staple gun to adhere the chicken wire to the inside of the frame.  I cut the pattern paper to fit inside the frame.  To decorate the clothes pins, I painted them white.  Then adhered a small strip of the pattern paper to the top of the clothes pin.  I stamped a few inspiring words at the front of the clothes pin.  I hot glued a paper blossom and vintage crochet trim bow over the middle section of the pin.  I also added a small wooden button below the bow.  I felt it gave a more 'finished' look.  
This beauty can be hung on the wall, or stand on a counter.  I wanted the recipient of this prize to have choices {smile}.  Choices are good!

Thank you for stopping by and having a look around!  Hope you get a chance to create something today!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bunco Three & Two

~ lots of photos ~

Just a quick reminder:  we are counting down backwards from eleven.  Also, with several time contra instants and missed opportunities, these photographs are less than perfect.  Please look upon this post with a kind eye.  My deepest sympathy for the crummy photos.
prize three:

here is a close-up view of the gift card: 

 I used some sweet, country charm pattern paper to create an unique gift card.  I used some of the same elements when creating the altered spiral notebook.  I did add some machine zig zag stitching to this small gift card, and a small vintage button.

and here is a photo of the gift (prize) set:

I altered the front of a spiral notebook.  I took some gorgeous vintage-y pattern paper from Authentique.  I added some coordinating tags and paper embellishments.  I added some white resin architecture pieces, a resin blossom, a hand-made paper blossom, a hand cut mannequin, and a large white satin ribbon.  There is a pink polka dot ribbon book mark that is attached to the top spiral.  

prize two:

ok, another crummy photo, but I did want to add a pic of the prize set:

about the only half decent photo of the gift card.  I wanted to keep with the blue and white color theme.  I added two different, but I believe coordinating digital paper.  I added a neutral polka dot pattern piece of digital pattern paper, and topped it off with a digital collage pattern paper for the gift card front.  I added a metal rimmed circular tag with a pearl brad.  To help add another metal accent, to add a crisp element, I stapled a piece of crochet trim and seam binding to the left side of the sentiment banner piece.

the actual prize:

I truly enjoy crafting these little cuties!  I took an over-the-top rhinestone and pearl mini photo frame (2" x 2" square) and transformed it, into a pin cushion photo frame.  Yeah, it is functional, but it is intended for decorative purposes.  I added two different stacks of button pairs.  I stuck them into the pin cushion with a tiny vintage safety pin and a butterfly stick pin.  I thought that the mix of these two pieces added an unique farmland/country charm.  To help add some glam, I added a rhinestone-pearl stick pin.  My original thought for this is to hold a ring while doing dishes (kitchen accent), or washing hands (master bath charm).
I selected a fabric that is sweet, and sorta neutral.  I know it has some hard blues, but I think that the small pattern helps hide the boldness {smile}.
Thank you for stopping by today.  Again, my apologizes for the awful photo quality.  But, please return tomorrow, for the final reveal! Prize number one!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bird House Ornament

~ photo heavy post ~

I have a quick tutorial for you today.  It's a quick, simple project.  However, you can always add more or less embellishments, whatever tickles your fancy {smile}.

I purchased one of those $1 bird houses from a big box crafting store.  I know, it looks rather 'sad' and 'blah'.  The design is clean and simple, but your finished project will be anything but blah!

I did a quick painting job of a white acrylic paint.  I wasn't too worried about being precise or 'clean'. I painted the bird house, to give it a finished look.  You can also just paint the edges, but this was a lot easier.

I used a ruler to measure the sides, and roof, to cut my pattern paper as best as possible.   Also, the angles aren't mirrored exactly.
I sponged all the edges of the paper with a kraft colored ink.
So, I used a piece of copy paper to make a template for the front and back.  That way, I wouldn't waste any pattern paper.
I used a die to create the scallops, and then layered them.  All edges of the scallops are sponged, too.  I used a hole punch, to cut away the notch were the rope hanger exits the house.

For the trim, I used a cream colored crochet trim.  I adhered it to the edge of the roof with scor tape.  Also, I did a miter cut at each point. so there wouldn't be any bulk as the two edges met.

I did not want a 'hole' for the entrance.  So, I did not make that concession.  I also decorated all four sides, as this little 'gem' is an ornament.  I also wrapped some twine around the perch, and added a half pearl to the end.
Once I start crafting, it is rather difficult to stop and photograph.  Sorry, for the lack of photos.  But, all I really did at this point was add products {smile}.

I will post some more close-ups to help explain what I did.  Those will be posted soon.  Give me a few days to get caught up with my Bunco prizes.  {smile}

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bunco Five & Four

As with some of the photography problems as stated yesterday, these crummy photography problems continue {frown}
I kept the colors of these two prizes soft, sweet, and vintage-y, that way they kept with the over-all look of vintage, shabby-chic farmland!
Prize number Five!

Ok, you have seen this prize before.  It is an altered vase (glass bottle) for the distressed hand-made paper flowers.  HERE are some previous photos of the paper flowers.

Prize number Four

This prize was shared earlier, too!  HERE is a few photographs of this altered frame with quilted insert!  For the gift card, I added a layer of vellum to the sweet floral pattern paper.  I heat embossed some doilies onto the vellum to keep a sweet, feminine look.  I added a button card label for the banner.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Bunco Six

Prize number six.  Remember we are counting backwards from eleven.  Let's get started with our prize reveal!  [sorry, with a lot of last minute juggling of different problems, some photos were 'forgotten' to be taken, and therefore, I do not have photos of prize number seven.]
Now, with a lack of time, due to work, family, and some last minute decorating changes and menu items, these photos are not the greatest, or the clearest.  Deepest apologies!

A fabric covered composition book.  The greatest thing about this book cover, is that, once the book is used up, simply remove the book, and slide in a new one!

I used a mix of cotton and linen fabrics, along with a sweet trim.  The wooden button, helps keep it rustic!  While keeping the overall look shabby chic country!

To keep the gift card matching the gift bag, I used the same trim, and grey polka dot pattern paper.  I added a kraft seam binding to help coordinate the gift card to the kraft paper bag.  The added silver cord bows on wooden buttons, adds charm {smile}.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Table Set

~ photo heavy post ~

Whew.  Sorry for the tardiness of this post.  Life has gotten in the way of my crafting {smile}.  Hate when that happens.  
Anyways, I wanted to share with you how I did my plates for this years hosting of Bunco.  I wanted the table set to match my overall style and theme: farmland.  So, I selected a clear plate.  Pinterest had a lot of great images of doilies and clear plates.  However, they were all loose doilies.  I wanted my doily to 'stick' to the plate.  Because I plan on layering the plates.  (Also, another image I found on Pinterest.)  
I have to admit, I am addicted loving Pinterest.  Anyways, I decided to get the look I really wanted by doing a reverse decoupage technique to 'stick' the doily to the clear plate.  That way, the doily would go with the top (clear) plate, and then the user have another plate incase they needed another plate for seconds, or whatever.  However, I didn't want the bottom plate to be non-usable because of contaminants from the glue on the doily.
So, I applied spray adhesive to the middle of the doily, let it dry completely.  Then applied Mod Podge to the back side of the doily, to add some sticking power to the doily and clear plate.  It also sealed the doily to the clear plate, so there wouldn't be any lingering contamination seeping through the doily onto the bottom plate.

So, this 'farmland' color scheme is a sweet pink, a nice aqua mist blue, white, and silver.  So, I decided on using silver solo cups to tie into the metallic silver on the home-made napkin rings.  I added pink polka dot paper straws, and added a small strip of aqua mist blue diagonal stipe washi tape.  Since this tape is a bit transparent, the diagonal lines on both sides, look like gingham patterns. And, to make it all work, and look like it actually belongs, I selected a silver paper plate.  The clear plate is 9" circle.  So, I selected a 10.5" circle silver paper plate.  That way, the bottom plate, looks like a charger.  A bit more classy.  The plastic flatware I used has a metallic silver shine to it.  It looks like actually flatware, and not plastic.  Another touch to improve the overall look: picnic to party!  
The continuum of paper, plastic, metal, burlap, lace, and ribbon through out the overall table setting, along with the mix of patterns, (but keeping with the same color scheme) helps keep the table setting coordinated, and gives it some visual interest.  If everything matches, items get lost in the overall landscape. (blue plates, blue table cloth, blue flatware, blue napkins, regardless of the mix of materials.)
Also, I added these sweet, fabulous broaches to the bows on the floral arrangements.  I thought they also needed a little bling, to help tie in the silver metallic additions.

The broaches came from China, so I did have to order these 3 weeks in advance.  However, please be aware, that international shipping, does take a while.  So, the lesson I learned from this, is to actually have a finished plan.  
Here are the table number holders that I had shared with you earlier: altered salt shakers.  I made button cards, to label the tables {smile}.  [these will be for sale in my Etsy shop soon.]

I altered the salt shakers a few weeks before I knew what I was going to do for the table numbers.  But, I still love them {smile}.  The salt shakers look similar, so they look like they belong, and the table numbers are all button cards, but with a different color.  Additionally, the colors do work with the color scheme.  So, it gives them that 'looks like they belong' look, gotta love that!

Oops!  I forgot a photo of the dessert table.  So, here we go!  Yeah, I am a fan of choices.  So, there are three (yeah, 3!) desserts.  Also, I did the reverse decoupage on the dessert plates and added tiny tasting folks into mini canning jars!  [keeping the country shabby-chic charm of my party theme: farmland.]

From left to right.  A mixed berry pie (strawberry, blueberry and black berries).  Lemon bundt cakes.  And peach cobblers.  All are individually sized.  That way they are portable.  And sharable with the right person!
I took dollar store cookie trays and spray painted them a cream color.  I added a piece of pink gingham parchment paper under the food items.  I took small pink and blue distressed frames to hold the dessert name.

Thank you for stopping by today.  Hopefully, you return tomorrow to see more prizes.  Beware, these next few posts (3), the photography is less than desirable.  However, I wasn't able to double check these before entertaining. {frown}

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bunco Eight

Whew.  Sorry this is so late this morning.  My youngest granddaughter sleeps over a few Mondays a month, and yeah, yesterday was her sleep over day {smile}.  She will be two next month, so as you can imagine, her activity level is a bit higher than this grandma's.  
So, back on track with our Bunco prize countdown, from #11 to #1.  (#11 prize is the least in dollar value, and #1 is the largest.)

You have seen this prize before, it is my altered salt shaker photo holder and trinket holder.  I have to admit, I just love this!  I foresee me having several of these on hand at my holiday arts and crafts shows.  {yeah!}

Since I have shared a few photos of the altered salt shaker with you before, I'll start with a close-up photo of this adorable gift card.

I have to admit, I really love these two pattern papers together.  The mustard yellow and shades of blue pattern paper, remind me of wall paper in a country kitchen.  I know that sounds pretty weird, but I really like these two pattern together, and I think they fit my theme perfectly!
The mannequin is die cut and stamped from one of my favorite sets from Paper Trey Ink.  The little banner is stamped with the Friendship Jar stamp set by Paper Trey Ink, as well.  The buttons are a mixture of Stampin' Up! (two yellows) and Dress It Up.  
Now, two different photos of that adorable altered salt shaker:

In this side view, you can see some aqua mist colored buttons, a tiny clothes pin, a pair of tiny safety pins, and a few pearls.
The glass piece hanging from the glitter paper blossom, was purchased from the jewelry section of one of those big box stores.  I wanted a dangle and I think I found the perfect one {smile}.

And from this view, you can see a tiny wooden spool, a few more loose pearls, a cream fancy button, a clear faceted button, and a few stick pins.  All of which are laying on a thin layer of super fine glitter.
Ok, now that I look at my photo, The back of one of the tags, I see I was thrifty!  In that, I stamped on the other side of a already stamped card stock piece.  UGH!  Let me get back into my craft room, and 'fix' that.  (AKA re-do the tag, and re-string it through the knot.)

Thank you for stopping by.  I will post another prize(s) tomorrow.  And on Thursday, I will share a few of my decorations.  Friday a few more prizes, and hopefully on Saturday, I will have some pre-party photos.  I hope you have been inspired to create something wonderful!