Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bunco Eleven & Ten

Whew.  I have been a bit busy with creating and crafting.  I am hosting Bunco this month.  We will be meeting this week at my house.  How we do Bunco in this particular group of 12 great ladies, is the hostess serves dinner and provides the prizes.  So, every month we get together, have dinner, play a dice game, and get a prize for how well you played that night.  The best part is that you get to play each month, but only have to do the work once a year {smile}.  Pretty cool, huh?  And, this is really our excuse to get together once a month to chat, laugh, and basically keep in touch with each other {smile}.
Now, if you have been following my posts, (here, Instagram, or Facebook) you know that my theme is 'farmland'.   I make my gifts.  It's really an excuse for me to craft and share one of my passions (crafting) with my friends.  But, I can't give just a 'gift'.  So, I made a coordinating gift bag (and card) to hold the gift/prize, and a special altered clothes pin, for each person.

For the next several days, I will be sharing what I have created with you here, Instagram, and Facebook.  So, please stay tuned.  Also, not all the posts will be the same.  So, lets get started!  Here are prizes/gifts # 11, and #10.  (I don't make a gift/prize for me: 12 - 1 = 11)

Let's get started!

prize number: its a small mason jar

The kraft gift bag is heat embossed with my 'name' : Designs by Sharon.  I made this the focal point of the decoration.   I machine stitched the chocolate chip ribbon to the lace and adhered it the top of the bag.  I hot glued a button tied ribbon piece to the left upper corner.  
The prize number is clipped to the right side of the bag with an altered clothes pin, the recipient gets to keep {smile}.  

The matching card, is 'gift size' in that it is not large enough to be mailed thru the postal system.  I used digital paper for this card.  Along with some pink pirouette seam binding and a glittered button.

The prize is a refrigerator magnet that holds a wallet-size photo.  I used digital paper to decorate this, as well.  I also added a clay embellishment and a hand-stamped postage stamp.  (close-ups to follow)

and here is #10:

I used the same lace on each gift bag.  I heat embossed my logo on the front of each bag.  I also added an altered close pin to each gift bag.  I wanted to keep things the same, so everything would 'belong' and not seem random.

The gift card that goes with each gift bag, have the same layout and are the same size (2 3/4" x 4 1/4").  The cards don't have envelopes, due to their odd size, so I tucked them into glassine bags.  I thought it added a special touch to them.

This prize is a pair of quilted fabric coasters.  I used material I had on hand, to help keep costs low.  I'm not a very good sewer on fabric.   But I thought these little darlings fit my theme.  (Yeah, I'm a theme girl)

Well, thank you for stopping by!  I will post about every day this week, with prizes, food, decorations and various other 'pieces' of my hosting Bunco party.  Take care, and stop by again soon.

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