Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Shabby Houses

Howdy.  Welcome.  I purchased these tiny wooden blocks, shaped like houses.  They were plain, and irregular.  Probably not too inspiring.  But look past the blah, the blank, the irregular sides, the tinniness.  Just add some paint, paper, and embellishments, and viola!  Sounds pretty simple.  And fun!  You get to use all those pretty scraps and bits & pieces to create something pretty.  Easy.  Right?

a tall, wide house:

a short, wide house:

a tall, narrow house:

Recipe:  I painted all the houses with white chalk paint.  Left it dry (and that's the hardest part)!  Use a sanding block, and distress the paint on the edges and smooth all of the flat areas.
Use the 'house' as your template: trace the shape onto pattern paper.  I cut my paper too small.  I wanted the block edges to be seen.  I also sponged crumb cake classic ink on the edges of the pattern papers.  I used Paper It to adhere the paper.  I like it better than Mod Podge.  
The tall, wide house: I adhered a digital Bingo card to the front.  I wrapped a pale mint green seam binding ribbon around the house and tied it in a simple bow.  I adhered a white, resin, large key hole by Melissa Frances to the house.
The short, wide house:  I adhered a scrap piece of pattern paper from Prima Sweet Peppermint.  I adhered a silver and rhinestone crown to the front.  I tied a natural and silver stripe ribbon into a simple bow and adhered it to the top of the crown.
The tall, narrow house:  I adhered book print pattern paper.  I wrapped a piece of pale pink seam binding ribbon around the house and tied it in a simple bow.  I adhered a white resin architect piece, long ways to the front of the house.
I will have these for sale at my holiday craft fairs.  I haven't decided if I am going to sell this trio as a set, or individually.  Please use the 'comment' to let me know your thoughts!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Shabby Chic Vignette House

Howdy!  I was surfing the web, and came across some new releases from Tim Holtz, for the holidays.  Let me say, that I love his work.  I know its not girly, shabby chic.  But it is vintage, and retro, and quite gorgeous!  Anyways, I saw that he has these vignette house shadow boxes in his new holiday  release.  Along with some fabulous flash cards, some deer trophy heads, and some new smaller bottle brush trees, and so much more. 
I want to share with you what I did with this new house-shaped shadow box.  It's sweetly shabby!

I am happy with how my very first shadow box came out.  And I hope that you like it too!  And here is how I did it. 
Recipe:  I painted my vignette house with 2 coats of white chalk paint.  Once dry, I used a sanding block all over the 'house'.  I sealed the distressed paint with a matte finishing cream (sealant).  I cut two patterns of Prima's Sweet Pepperment paper collection.  I cut the polka dot & snowflake pattern paper to fit on the back wall and the two side walls.  I purposefully cut them too short and too narrow.  I wanted the distressed paint to be seen.  I also added a tear at the top and at the right side of the pattern paper on the back wall.  I wanted my pattern paper to look like worn wallpaper. I didn't paper the floor or ceiling.  I liked the 'worn' look.
I purchased these sweet bingo cards as a digital download, and printed them onto white linen card stock, by Paper Trey Ink.  I just love the look of shabby digitals printed on a white textured card stock.  It adds an element of texture and luxury to your printed projects.  I sponged crumb cake classic ink on the edges of all the papers.

I had an extra (ok, left over) burlap doily, so I cut a section off, and added it to the side of my bingo card (it is behind the tree).  I adhered these two joined pieced to the back wall of my house.  
I purchased some plain white resin mini frames from a big box craft store (M) last year, and decided to use the round one.  (yes, I am a hoarder collector)  I did add some gold paint randomly to the white 'frame'.  I used my hot glue gun to adhere the 'frame' to the back wall.  I adhered the deer trophy head to the center of the 'frame'.
I took a bottle brush tree I had left over from last year, and added a crystal star to the top.  (I bleached a lot of various sized bottle brush trees, and painted the tips with white paint.) I wrapped some gold bakers twine around the tree, as garland.  I thought the simple decoration added enough sparkle, and didn't distract you from the 'room'.  I tied on a narrow strip of fabric to the bottom of the tree.  It needed a 'skirt'.
The three gift boxes, I made.  I cut them from Kraft card stock with a die.  The finished boxes measure 5/8" cubes.  They are pretty tiny.  But oh, so, beautiful!  I wrapped each one with different ribbons: silver, gold, and pink silk.  I adhered the metallic ribbon boxes to the floor and the pink ribbon box to the attic.
I added tiny pink blossom to the floor with the boxes, along with a tiny candy cane.  I love little hidden 'treasures'.
The attic doesn't have too many items, a misplaced pink gift box, and a vintage ice skate.
I used one of the new holiday word labels from Tim Holtz.  I painted the piece with white chalk paint, and then quickly wiped it off, so that the paint would only be in the depressions of the lettering.  I wrapped a piece of green ribbon around my house and through the word label.  Finishing it off with a single, simple bow.
I have a few more of these vignette house boxes to finish for my craft fairs.  I am planning on doing a vintage one, and a retro one.  I'm looking through my pattern papers to find the best ones.  Maybe, I'll need to purchase a few more, so I have a larger selection.
Thank you for looking.  Stay tuned.  I have painted and decorated tiny wooden blocks in the shapes of houses.  Yeah, they will be for sale, too! {smile}

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Traditional Holiday Card

Howdy!  I know that it feels like  f o r e v e r  since I last posted my crafting.   And I apologize for not getting photos uploaded earlier.  But, I am still not completely happy with my upgraded photo editing software.  Maybe I'll get use to it soon, and quite all this belly aching.  {smile}
I am creating some beautiful {to me} holiday paper crafts.  And I actually look some photos.  {smile}.  So, please have patience, and stay tuned.
I created some cards that I want to enter in a Christmas Card Challenge, over @ Merry Monday Christmas Challenge - Dig out your Plaid.  What a fun theme, right!

*at the time of this post, the challenge has already closed.
I used some new pattern paper Christmas Delivery by Carta Bella.  It uses traditional red and green, with some black accents thrown in.  Black?  Black.  They managed to made it very chic and stylish!

here is what I made:

Recipe:  I used Cherry Cobbler card stock by Stampin' Up! to create the card base.  I also used this card stock to matt the journaling piece.  
The pattern paper with presents and white polka dots on green, and the journalling piece are all from this collection.  I found it to be traditional with a bit of uptown style with the black accents.  Very chic and very stylish - I think.  The plaid ribbon is left over from last years holiday crafting.  I purchased it at one of those big box craft stores (M).  
I sponged crumb cake classic ink on all the edges, to help give each piece of softer line.  I don't really like how abrupt and stark card stock looks once its cut.  
I did make an 'adjustment' to my pattern papers.  The journalling cards are 3" x 4".  And that is just too large for my A2 size card.  So, I copied them @ 75% onto white linen card stock.  This reduced their size to 2 1/4" x 3".  Much more 'workable' for tis size of card (4 1/4" x 5 1/2").

here are a few more:

I ended up making a total of 8 cards, with the four sheets of 12" x 12" pattern paper of Christmas Delivery by Carta Bella.  I wanted to make several different cards.  I was very observant as to how I cut my pattern papers, because I won't have another opportunity to purchase more.  And I have enough paper left to create a few gift bags and a few gift card holders.  I'll post a photo of them soon.
Thank you for stopping by.  I will be posting some photos of some crafts I have been working on, soon.  Please stay tuned.  I will be sharing my photos with you here, on InstaGram, and on Facebook. But please be aware, these won't be going into my Etsy shop, as I am working on increasing my inventory for holiday craft fairs.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Craft Fair Prep

Howdy.  I've been a bit busy behind the scenes.  But I haven't forgotten my loyal followers, and fans! I have shared a photo or two on InstaGram.  But, I want to share a special coupon for my Facebook followers.  Simply show or print this coupon, to receive your discount.

Then, I thought, hey, I should do something for my blog flowers.  So, please stay tuned.  I will create something special for you all.  I haven't decided if its a coupon, a special mailer, or a special sneak peak not posted anywhere else.  But let me hear from you!  Use the 'comment' to let me know what you want!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Designer Series Paper Sale

Load up on Designer Series Pattern Paper.  Buy three packages and receive one package free!

Place your order HERE.  

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Frame This

Howdy.  I've been busy with everything in life, except creating.  {frown}  and I simply couldn't take anymore days without paper, fabric, or bling.   I purchased some frames a few months ago, and decided I needed to get busy creating something sweet, something pretty, and something shabby!  A spoiler alert, these are not done.  {frown}  But, it is a start!
here is what I have been up to:

The top two white frames are not for anyone specific, or any specific occasion.  Just something pretty.  {smile}  The bottom gold frame is for someone special!  I will take more photos when I am done.  I just wanted to share some photos of what i have been working on.  Now, I haven't completed decided on painting or not painting the white frames.  The creative process wasn't stopped!
Enjoy your day!