Sunday, May 31, 2015

More Favor Bags

Howdy!  I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  I have been a bit busy crafting.  And I want to share the last two trios of favor bags.  ~ a little back story: I am hosting Bunco at my house this week.  And I need 12 favor bags.  But not all of these ladies like pink.  Shocking, I know.  And I know that variety is the spice to life.  So, I have made 12 different, but similar favor bags, so each lady can choose which bag she would like.
I used pattern paper I already had on hand, as well as the paper bags that are on the inside.   I tried to keep close to the same layout, and use the same label.  That way, they all look like they belong, but still have their own character.  So, without further ado, here are the last 2 sets:

For this trio, i used crumb cake card stock by Stampin' Up! for the front and back panels.  I added paper blossoms, pearls, vintage buttons, and various crochet trim, and machine stitching.  I really love the mix of pattern papers I selected for this trio.  I think it fun and funky.  {smile}

For this trio I used garden green card stock by Stampin' Up! for the front and back panels.  I wanted to bring out the green in the floral pattern paper.  I thought the mix of polka dots and flourishes added to the over-all feminine look of the bags.  I used tag shapes to hold the antique gold embossed labels. I used various paper blossoms, vintage buttons, and crochet trims, again.  I added machine stitching and pearls to soften the over-all look.

Thank you for stopping by.  i am working on a fabric strip wreath now.  I'll photograph it and give a quick tutorial once I'm done.  I'm also making scallop envelopes to hold a tea bag for each place setting.  I'll photograph that, too.  {smile}   
I'm starting to get a bit nervous and anxious for my party.  I just want everything to be beautiful and perfect.  {fingers crossed}

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Vintage Blue Bags

Howdy!  I have another trio of party favor bags to share with you today.  These are a bit different in color.  But, the same large label is heat embossed in antique gold.  I know not everyone loves pink.  Shocking, but true.  

The front and back panels are made from Pool Party card stock by Stampin' Up!  I love their solid card stock.  Its a very nice heavy weight.  So, it stands up beautifully.  The pattern paper is a mix from a pad by Color Blok: Signature.  I love this pattern paper collection because of the beautiful graphics, the mix of polka dots and floral, and the colors themselves remind me of days past.  
I added paper blossoms, vintage buttons, pearls, and a strip of crochet trim.
I have two more trio sets left to share.  I'll post them tomorrow.  Enjoy your weekend!


Friday, May 29, 2015

Pretty Pink Bags

Howdy, and welcome!  I am popping in real quick, to share with you some treat bags I made with some new pattern paper from Authentique: Legacy Collection.  These little bags will hold party favors for the High Tea I am hosting at my house next week.  I made four sets of these bags.  Each set of three uses different papers.  I'll share photos of the other bags soon.  {smile}

Pink Pirouette card stock makes the bag front and back panels.  I used the For a Friend Occasion stamp set by CTMH, for the 'label'.  I used the same 'label' of each of the bags.  I heat embossed it with antique gold embossing powder.  
I decorated each bag a little different, with paper blossoms, pearls, vintage buttons, crochet trim and a pink paper doily.  
Thank you for stopping by.  Stay tuned as I share other creations for this party {smile}.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Yellow Rose Bag

Welcome.  First let me say, thank you to everyone who sent me messages/comments of encouragement.  All of your sweet, warm, and incredibly kind words, really have brighten my life!  I also, appreciate the suggestions on my conflicts at work.  {love}
With all of the heart felt words, I have found some creative juices, and did get a chance to create again.  {smile}  As some of you know, I am hosting a game night at my house next month for 11 of my girlfriends.  [Bunco]  If you didn't know, I have selected a theme: tea party.  And my design style is vintage/shabby chic.  I made a gift bag for one of the prizes.  However, once I got this one done, I realized that I have no idea of the size and shape of most of the prizes, because I haven't shopped yet.  So, I stopped at this one bag, and headed into town.  I have a few ideas as to what the prizes need/should be, however, I have a limited budget.
So, while I continue my shopping/hunting in town and on the internet, let me share with you, the one prize bag I have finished.  {smile}

I did find a great sketch challenge to help get this project together @ Paper LadyBirds.  If you get a chance, you should swing by their challenge site, and have a look at the beautiful work done by the design team.  Very inspirational.

Recipe:  I used the Front & Center die (by Paper Trey Ink), to create the front panel on the lunch sack.  The pattern paper is from a big stack.  I chose the large polka dot and rose/doily pattern papers.  I wanted something at the paper seam, so I added some cotton trim.  
I added a white tea doily to give some interest.  I added a trio of cream paper blossoms and a yellow multi-loop bow made from yellow seam binding.   I created a 'label' that is heat embossed in antique gold.  I added a trio of sequins (2 green and 1 white).
I don't know which prize bag this will be, but I needed to decide how to display the number.  So the '8' is just random!  And yeah, I just love to use mini wooden clothes pins.  I simply added a strip of pattern paper, and then added a half pearl.  Viola!
Thank you for looking!  And I'm pretty sure, I can keep creating, from the love I've received. {smile}

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Howdy.  I wish I had a more positive post to write, but, . . .  I don't.  A fellow blogger, that I follow religiously, wrote recently that she didn't feel like creating anything.  It's hard to believe that I am not the only one!  And the blogger asked, 'who else felt the same'.  I really wanted to scream 'ME'!  
I don't know if its the weather (it has snowed at my house the last two Saturdays), the barometric pressure, the sadness in my heart, or the hurtful words spoke at work (towards me), or the simple busy-ness in my mind.   Either way, or whatever reason, the desire to craft has escaped me.  So unfortunately I don't have a new craft to share with you.

I made twelve cards for my Bunco ladies, to send to them, to remind them that I am hosting Bunco in June.  The theme for my host night is 'High Tea'.  And well, I want to share two of my favorite cards.  And yeah, it wasn't the one I originally created for a challenge 10 days ago.
here is the pink one:

and here is the blue one:

so real quick.  the card base is made from kraft card stock from a big box store (HL).  The page isn't from a cook book, but rather a digital download.  As is the tag, the ticket, and the tea circle.  I did add a bit of sparkle by heat embossing the sentiment in unique gold embossing powder.  The paper blossoms are from the dollar bin at a different big box store (M).

Well, let me say, that it does touch my heart when you 'visit', and when you leave a comment.  It really does bring a smile to my face., and fill my heart with happiness.  Thank you!
I have been tinkering with some decorations, gift packaging, and place settings for my Bunco night.  I'll take some photos, and share my creations.   Thank you! and please visit again!  hugs!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Just a Note, Invite

Howdy!  I have been busy creating stuff for another party, next month.  I am hosting a Bunco night with my Bunco Ladies.  We each take a turn hosting, so no one person becomes overwhelmed, and we each get an opportunity to add our own spin on it.
I am sending our reminder cards for June, and need a sketch to get my creative juices flowing.  I stopped by Scrap Africa.  Here is their current sketch:

Now, how awesome is this sketch?  So many fun elements!  I got started right away!

I need to craft 14 invites.  One of the ladies in our group will not be able to attend, so she needs a sub.  I always mail a reminder card to everyone in the group and any subs we need.  That way, no one is left out.  {smile}  Yeah, even to the ladies who I already know can't make it.  It is always wonderful to receive 'happy mail'!
This particular card is going in the mail, to a wonderful lady, and friend.  {smile}

I didn't have enough pattern paper on hand to create so many same cards.  So, I went digital!  The main panel, the tag, the ticket(s) and the focal circle are all digital patten papers I purchased from Etsy.  The cards are all a mish mash of various colors and patterns.

11 cards

Recipe:  For the card base, I used kraft card stock from a big box store - HL.  The main panels are from various digital pattern papers (3 different collections, all together).
I added two different cream laces, and machine stitched them to the main panel.  Then I began layering.  I created the 'tags' from digital bookmarks.  I simply cut them down and mitered the top corners.  I strung some scrap pieces of seam binding through the top hole.  For this one card I did tie on a vintage button with kraft twine to the seam binding from the 'tag'.
I fussy cut some digital tickets, and sponged the edges.  Some tickets were layered over the 'tags' and some under.
The tea themed circles, originally, were digital 2 1/2" circles.  But I don't have a circle punch that big, so I printed them at 70%, which created the 1 3/4" circles.  I sponged the edges of them also, and adhered them to the front of the card with foam tape.
The paper blossoms are from the dollar bin at a different big box store - M.
And finally, the sentiment.  I stamped the sentiment, 'Just a note' onto the bottoms of the cards with Versa Mark ink, and used antique gold embossing powder.  I heat embossed all the cards with the same sentiment in the same color.  {smile}
I just need to add the reminder card to the inside, and they are ready to mail.  I wanted to keep them as flat as possible, so the postage would be more reasonable.
Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have been inspired, and you should stop by the Scrap Africa challenge blog, and see what these talented ladies have created!

Friday, May 8, 2015

'O' What A Magnetic Monogram!

Howdy!  I'm glad that you stopped by.  I have been busy getting things done post craft fair.  It always takes a bit of work to get things organized and set up for the start of the craft fair.  But it takes a lot of work once you have everything packed up and ready to head home.
You see, products that I don't sell at the craft fair,  need to make sure everything is wrapped correctly. Everything is photographed.  And organized so that I can not put it in my virtual shop over @ Etsy.

I want to share a magnetic monogram that I created.

and here is another view

The magnetic monograms that I sell are a big hit.  The letters measure roughly 4" square.  I paint the letter first.  Then I glue the pattern paper to the letter.  A bit of filing, sanding, inking, and tender care, these letters look wonderfully aged.
I add strips of lace, trim, or multi-loop bows of seam binding.  Or a collection of it all {smile}
I try to make a large variety of letters.  However, I can not find a 'Z'.  So that is about the only letter I don't have.  I'll be busy making more of these gems this weekend.  
I also do custom orders.  So let me know the letter, and then things you love and hate.  An example:  'T', florals, polka dots, buttons and vintage.
Thank you for looking.  I have added this letter and a 'T' to my Etsy shop.  Let me know what you want!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Button Notebook

~ photo heavy post ~

Howdy!  I hope this post finds you well, and enjoying your weekend.  I know a lot of folks use this time of the week to catch up on chores, and others use this time to play.  Either way, I hope you are getting a lot out of this time.  Me, recharging, imagining, and a few household chores along the way {smile}.  
I had my spring craft fair yesterday.  And i want to send a shout out to all that came out!  It was nice to see a few familiar faces, and to meet some ones.  While chatting with some shoppers I had a few requests, and I am looking into those suggestions.  Also, I had a few clever ideas concerning my altered tins, and some jars.  I'm sure you all know how that goes. 
Anyways, I wanted to share with you a decorated mini composition notebook I had for sale at my booth.  For those of you who aren't aware, I do make a variety of these for sale at my craft show booth, and have a few for sale in my Etsy shop.  I think they are pretty, and wonderful to use.  {smile}

a look inside

inside front cover

inside back cover
and finally, a look at the back

back of notebook
I love using my scraps for these little gems.  I think its a clever way to continue to use what you have, and create something beautiful and useful.  Its a trifecta!  
When I craft these, I try very hard to keep the fronts as flat as possible.  Just in case the buyer keeps this little gem in a tote, hand bag, back pack, etc.  I also like to use pattern papers either from the same collection or from coordinating collections.  
I typically cover the spine of the notebook, but not always.   I generally match the ribbon tie with the spine, but once again, not always.  I also add some coordinating pattern paper to the barrel of the pen to keep it matching.
I always stamp the back of the notebook with my branding.  That way, when they get to the end, they know where to get another notebook {smile}.
The pattern paper is from Tilda.  The ribbon and buttons are from Paper Trey Ink, and I used their cream twine to hand stitch the buttons onto (and through) the notebook cover.  The pink card stock is from Amuse Studios.  
Thank you for stopping by!  I am taking inventory of what was sold yesterday, and updating my shop.  I am also going over some marketing numbers, wholesale pricing, and supplier information.  My Etsy shop will be closed until Tuesday.  I hope to have everything updated and uploaded by then.  My intent is to have all of my pricing the same: craft show, online store, and hopefully a few local shops {fingers crossed}.  I am also looking into participating in the Socorro Craft Fair in October.  So look for that info coming soon {smile}.  I have a lot of ideas for that show as well.  
As always, if you have any questions about product, pricing, availability, etc just drop me a line or leave a comment!   Now, back to chores {frown}.