Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Howdy.  I wish I had a more positive post to write, but, . . .  I don't.  A fellow blogger, that I follow religiously, wrote recently that she didn't feel like creating anything.  It's hard to believe that I am not the only one!  And the blogger asked, 'who else felt the same'.  I really wanted to scream 'ME'!  
I don't know if its the weather (it has snowed at my house the last two Saturdays), the barometric pressure, the sadness in my heart, or the hurtful words spoke at work (towards me), or the simple busy-ness in my mind.   Either way, or whatever reason, the desire to craft has escaped me.  So unfortunately I don't have a new craft to share with you.

I made twelve cards for my Bunco ladies, to send to them, to remind them that I am hosting Bunco in June.  The theme for my host night is 'High Tea'.  And well, I want to share two of my favorite cards.  And yeah, it wasn't the one I originally created for a challenge 10 days ago.
here is the pink one:

and here is the blue one:

so real quick.  the card base is made from kraft card stock from a big box store (HL).  The page isn't from a cook book, but rather a digital download.  As is the tag, the ticket, and the tea circle.  I did add a bit of sparkle by heat embossing the sentiment in unique gold embossing powder.  The paper blossoms are from the dollar bin at a different big box store (M).

Well, let me say, that it does touch my heart when you 'visit', and when you leave a comment.  It really does bring a smile to my face., and fill my heart with happiness.  Thank you!
I have been tinkering with some decorations, gift packaging, and place settings for my Bunco night.  I'll take some photos, and share my creations.   Thank you! and please visit again!  hugs!


Cindy said...

Even what you consider "blah" is amazing to me! I love your work!

Peg Klitch said...

Good Morning Sharon,
I look at your blog every day but never leave a comment. So, I decided I would leave a comment today since you are down in the dumps! Your artsy cards are truly an inspiration so please, keep them coming. Take a break and pamper yourself today and this weekend in fact. We'll still be here waiting to see your work when you come back.

Samra said...

Dear Sharon,
Sorry to hear you feel the way you do :( Your cards are gorgeous and are such a great source of inspiration! Don't stop crafting, just step back, relax and you'll see that your passion for crafting will prevail. There are mean and hateful people everywhere and they feed off of other's misery, so I say make them hungry and don't let them bother you! I go to work and truthfully try to stay out of any conversations, just do my job and go home. I don't want any headaches, job is there just to give me my paycheck to pay bills and for our expensive hobby lol
Have a good day my dear!

Jill Norwood said...

Sharon - my heart goes out to you! I struggled with creating for over a month back in March and am finally feeling more like it again. I took a break and played in my garden which really helped. So sad that people have to make others feel bad. My son struggles with this at school everyday too. I wish I had a magic way to make these people's mouths glue shut! Lol! I am lucky now to be retired but I remember the feelings well!!! Big hugs and I pray that their are better days ahead!!! Your cards are so beautiful! I love tea! And I love tea-themed crafty items to design with! Your cards warmed my heart! And I am sure your girlfriends loved receiving them!!!!! Blessings and hugs!!!!

Denita said...

Sharon, you are so talented and make the most beautiful crafts. Your mojo will return and the ideas will just overflow. You're a beautiful lady inside and out with a big heart. You can't control what other people do or say but you can control how you feel. Handle your stressful situation like a dog. If you can't eat it or play with it, then just pee on it and walk away. (Laughing) Smile and let everyone at work know today you are stronger than yesterday!
Enjoy your day!