Friday, May 8, 2015

'O' What A Magnetic Monogram!

Howdy!  I'm glad that you stopped by.  I have been busy getting things done post craft fair.  It always takes a bit of work to get things organized and set up for the start of the craft fair.  But it takes a lot of work once you have everything packed up and ready to head home.
You see, products that I don't sell at the craft fair,  need to make sure everything is wrapped correctly. Everything is photographed.  And organized so that I can not put it in my virtual shop over @ Etsy.

I want to share a magnetic monogram that I created.

and here is another view

The magnetic monograms that I sell are a big hit.  The letters measure roughly 4" square.  I paint the letter first.  Then I glue the pattern paper to the letter.  A bit of filing, sanding, inking, and tender care, these letters look wonderfully aged.
I add strips of lace, trim, or multi-loop bows of seam binding.  Or a collection of it all {smile}
I try to make a large variety of letters.  However, I can not find a 'Z'.  So that is about the only letter I don't have.  I'll be busy making more of these gems this weekend.  
I also do custom orders.  So let me know the letter, and then things you love and hate.  An example:  'T', florals, polka dots, buttons and vintage.
Thank you for looking.  I have added this letter and a 'T' to my Etsy shop.  Let me know what you want!

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