Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bird House Ornament

~ photo heavy post ~

I have a quick tutorial for you today.  It's a quick, simple project.  However, you can always add more or less embellishments, whatever tickles your fancy {smile}.

I purchased one of those $1 bird houses from a big box crafting store.  I know, it looks rather 'sad' and 'blah'.  The design is clean and simple, but your finished project will be anything but blah!

I did a quick painting job of a white acrylic paint.  I wasn't too worried about being precise or 'clean'. I painted the bird house, to give it a finished look.  You can also just paint the edges, but this was a lot easier.

I used a ruler to measure the sides, and roof, to cut my pattern paper as best as possible.   Also, the angles aren't mirrored exactly.
I sponged all the edges of the paper with a kraft colored ink.
So, I used a piece of copy paper to make a template for the front and back.  That way, I wouldn't waste any pattern paper.
I used a die to create the scallops, and then layered them.  All edges of the scallops are sponged, too.  I used a hole punch, to cut away the notch were the rope hanger exits the house.

For the trim, I used a cream colored crochet trim.  I adhered it to the edge of the roof with scor tape.  Also, I did a miter cut at each point. so there wouldn't be any bulk as the two edges met.

I did not want a 'hole' for the entrance.  So, I did not make that concession.  I also decorated all four sides, as this little 'gem' is an ornament.  I also wrapped some twine around the perch, and added a half pearl to the end.
Once I start crafting, it is rather difficult to stop and photograph.  Sorry, for the lack of photos.  But, all I really did at this point was add products {smile}.

I will post some more close-ups to help explain what I did.  Those will be posted soon.  Give me a few days to get caught up with my Bunco prizes.  {smile}

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