Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bunco Three & Two

~ lots of photos ~

Just a quick reminder:  we are counting down backwards from eleven.  Also, with several time contra instants and missed opportunities, these photographs are less than perfect.  Please look upon this post with a kind eye.  My deepest sympathy for the crummy photos.
prize three:

here is a close-up view of the gift card: 

 I used some sweet, country charm pattern paper to create an unique gift card.  I used some of the same elements when creating the altered spiral notebook.  I did add some machine zig zag stitching to this small gift card, and a small vintage button.

and here is a photo of the gift (prize) set:

I altered the front of a spiral notebook.  I took some gorgeous vintage-y pattern paper from Authentique.  I added some coordinating tags and paper embellishments.  I added some white resin architecture pieces, a resin blossom, a hand-made paper blossom, a hand cut mannequin, and a large white satin ribbon.  There is a pink polka dot ribbon book mark that is attached to the top spiral.  

prize two:

ok, another crummy photo, but I did want to add a pic of the prize set:

about the only half decent photo of the gift card.  I wanted to keep with the blue and white color theme.  I added two different, but I believe coordinating digital paper.  I added a neutral polka dot pattern piece of digital pattern paper, and topped it off with a digital collage pattern paper for the gift card front.  I added a metal rimmed circular tag with a pearl brad.  To help add another metal accent, to add a crisp element, I stapled a piece of crochet trim and seam binding to the left side of the sentiment banner piece.

the actual prize:

I truly enjoy crafting these little cuties!  I took an over-the-top rhinestone and pearl mini photo frame (2" x 2" square) and transformed it, into a pin cushion photo frame.  Yeah, it is functional, but it is intended for decorative purposes.  I added two different stacks of button pairs.  I stuck them into the pin cushion with a tiny vintage safety pin and a butterfly stick pin.  I thought that the mix of these two pieces added an unique farmland/country charm.  To help add some glam, I added a rhinestone-pearl stick pin.  My original thought for this is to hold a ring while doing dishes (kitchen accent), or washing hands (master bath charm).
I selected a fabric that is sweet, and sorta neutral.  I know it has some hard blues, but I think that the small pattern helps hide the boldness {smile}.
Thank you for stopping by today.  Again, my apologizes for the awful photo quality.  But, please return tomorrow, for the final reveal! Prize number one!

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