Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hand Crafted for a Friend

close-up of the tags

Howdy!  Thank you for stopping by to see what I have been crafting.  As some of you may know, I really enjoyed the whole experience of creating my own chicken wire message board.  I enjoyed it so much, I went out looking for another frame.  Well, my excitement got the best of me, and I cracked the frame during the chicken wire installation {frown}.  So, I am out searching for another.  It was kind of an expensive lesson to learn, but it has been learned.
Anyways, while I was altering that one, I also altered a smaller frame for a different project.  My poor husband, he must think I have lost my mind.  This new frame is a lot smaller than my message board frames.  But, it punches a lot of pizzazz!  The 'opening' of the frame measure 3" x 3".
I started with a silver frame (sorry, I forgot to take a picture of it), I spray painted it in Ivory Satin finish.  Let it dry for 24 hours.  Applied my antiquing glaze.  Let it dry for 24 hours.  Applied a sealant.  Let it dry for 24 hours.  And put it all back together.  During the various drying times, I worked on the insert, and accomplished other chores, including going to work, and participating in the swap meet last Sunday.

a Bunco prize
This creation was inspired by a very similar picture frame Tammy Roberts had done.  I actually read her specific blog post and followed her process.  Upon locating her blog post for this post, it appears that her blog is down. {frown}  So, I am not sure what has happened.  But Tammy R. is a very talented person, who shares what she knows and is very inspiring to me {smile}.

a different view to show the detail on the frame
Anyways, here how I put it all together:  Tammy recommended that you cut your fabric, batting, and chipboard 3 inches wider and longer than your photo frame opening.  (I did 2 inches.)  Stack your materials from the bottom up: chipboard, batting, and material right side up.  Sew a basic quilters square.  I don't quilt, so I did a basic diamond pattern.  I started on the two longest diagonals and filled in from there.
I cut a blossom shape out of felt.  I used a spiral blossom piece. (Tammy layered her blossom pieces.)  Tammy also stitched only the very edge of her petals.  I did the best stitching I could.  I am no pro at using a sewing machine, so you can't really see my stitching (its not so much at the edge {frown}).
Adhere a rhinestone to the center of your blossom.  Tammy did the same.  Now add whatever embellishments that catch your eye, tickle your fancy, and have fun!

While I was working on this picture frame, my goal, was to create a porcelain looking frame.  I just love that vintage look.  I applied the antiquing glaze to help showcase the detail on the frame.  Without that definition, the frame looked too flat.  And not from my type of paint, but rather the detail got lost.  
close-up of the butterfly stick pin
The fabric was purchased at a big box sewing store from the remnant bin.  The leaves were hand cut from cream burlap.  The ribbon was purchased at a small craft boutique during a recent trip to Phoenix, Arizona, when my oldest granddaughter had a dance competition.  The tiny clothes pin is from Stampin' Up!.  The tiny tags were made with a tiny tag stamp set and coordinating punch by Stampin' Up!  The kraft vintage button is from Paper Trey Ink, and the rhinestone is from Jolee.  The butterfly stick pin is from Maya Road.

Thank you for looking.  I hope you have found something of beauty and possibly have been inspired as well {smile}.

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