Sunday, October 15, 2017

Mini Hand Sanitizer Holder

Wow, I didn't realize that it has been almost a whole month since I posted.  I guess time really does fly.  I have been busy crafting.  I'm working on several holiday craft fair items, and trying to make new things, too.  And here is a 'new' item: mini hand sanitizer holder.  My thought process is making the packaging pretty for the little things; to give the gift big impact.  
A popular store, to do some basic holiday shopping is Bath & Body Works.  Let's face it, they have some wonderfully smelling soaps, lotions, candles, and various air fresheners.  They have a scent for just about everyone.  They are even carrying a mens line of products.  I was surprised (but not really) that they started carrying air fresheners for your car.  
An item that my grandchildren and I carry with us, is their mini hand sanitizers.  They even have 'fun' clips to hold these little bottles to your back pack, gym bag, purse, etc.  But, I want to make a 'fun' holiday package for these little bottles, and make gift giving easier and pretty.

We all have office/work gifts to get during the holiday season.  But, with everything else we all need to buy, we can't really afford to spend another hundred dollars.  So, we all wrack our brains trying to find something 'good', but not too expensive.  I work at a hospital, so everyone there are germ-a-phobes, and they all love food.  So, usually I make some homebaked goody.  But, this year, I think I'll get them these cute mini hand sanitizers.  They are relatively inexpensive 5 for $6.  An useful gift, without breaking the bank and I won't have to spend an hour in the kitchen {smile}.  Now, I need a way to package them, other than throwing them in a little gift bag. . . and that is how I came upon this idea!


This is my first one.  So, it isn't perfect.  There is usually a learning curve to making anything out of paper.  I usually keep these for my samples.  I don't give away these first generations, because they usually have a 'mistake' in/on them.
The sentiment rectangle is actually the 'piece' that holds the flap down/the box closed.  Pretty easy to load with the hand sanitizer, just slide the bottle in.  Easy, Peasy, and Pretty!
I used Ocean Tide card stock for the base.  I matted the pattern papers and sentiment rectangle onto Early Espresso card stock.  I added a small strip of foam tape to the bottom of the sentiment rectangle, to lift it off the box.  I used a small snowflake die to cut out the snowflake, using glitter paper.  I added a trio of wood-grain sequins to continue the woods-y feel of the pattern paper.  I used some scraps of this holiday themed pattern paper from 2 years ago.
I am going to try and make a 'bag' holder for these little bottles, too.  I think 'bags' may be a nice option.  {smile}

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