Thursday, February 16, 2017

My Planner

Howdy, and good morning.  One of my new years resolutions, is to be more organized.  Can someone be 'more' organized? or is it simply 'organized'?  Well, I feel that I am pretty organized, per say.  But, I  also believe that there is always room for improvement.  So, I am working on being 'more' organized.  And to help me conquer this task, I purchased a planner to keep everything together at my finger tips.  {smile}
If you do a search for 'planner' on the internet, you will be bombarded with images, tutorials, and various manufacturers products.  A lot of eye candy!  So, during the last week of December, I headed to a local craft store, and picked up a few items.  And I finally did a little bit of crafting, and decorated the cover of my planner, and the inside cover of my planner.  {smile}

My planner is striped in a rose gold metallic and cream.  I really liked how these two colors looked together.  I started with a paper lace doily from Stampin' Up!.  I layered a scrap piece of cream and gold metallic lace, towards the bottom of the doily.  Then I added a piece of pink polka dot washi tape.  I purchased that big beautiful fabric blossom in the clearance isle of a craft store.  So, I hot glued the blossom, to the cover.  I die cut two leaf pieces and my initials from a scrap piece of glitter paper, that is pretty similar in 'gold' color on the cover.  I adhered the two leaf pieces to the upper left of the blossom, and adhered my initials to the right of the blossom.   I adhered the rose gold and rhinestone charm just under the blossom.  And the final touch was adding a trio of blush sequins, and a trio of flat-back 'pearls'.

I am pretty happy with how the cover is decorated.  I didn't want too much on the cover, as I use my planner daily.  It's kind of a ritual now a days.  I open it, and look at my various sections each morning, while I am drinking my coffee.  It helps me stay on track for projects, and I get to review my calendar, and make notes of different items of interest.  I am truly loving this whole process! {smile}  I also wanted to make a few additions for my planner, and to make the inside just as pretty!

I trimmed a Project Life card and re-rounded the corners to this beautiful metallic card:  'By being YOURSELF you put something WONDERFUL into the world that was not there before'.  I think all of us need reminders how special each of us are.  And that we should celebrate not being carbon copies of each other.  
I made 4 different but equally beautiful 'clips'.  I took large paper clips and simply added things I love!  Three are made out of paper, and one is another beautiful blossom.  {smile}  The sign, coffee cup, and mason jar are made from paper.  I added a little foam adhesive between the front and back piece of heavy card stock.  And hot glued the paper clip in place.  For the blossom, I simple tied a double bow to the paper clip and hot glued the pink paper blossom to the bow.  I backed it with a scrap piece of pink felt.  I added some small gold accent post-its, and two magnetic closures: a tiffany blue flag, and a gold metallic diamond shape.  I printed a calendar year onto heavy card stock and slipped that in the large pocket.  So, I can see the whole year in one view.  I also made a few notes for each month.  That is where I jot down large projects.  
Well, thank you for looking, and spending a little time with me, to see what I have been doing.  I hope you are still on track with your new years resolution(s), too.  Changing how you do things, and creating 'good' habits are hard.  It does take work, and discipline.  But, I know that I am happy with the changes I have made this year.  I am still exercising 3 times a week.  Running 2 days a week.  Making better, healthier choices of food.  And having time on my calendar to craft, really takes the stress away.  I don't fret about deadlines anymore, and I can get so many more things done in the day.  It makes me believe that my stress is reduced, which is good for my heart, and my family. {smile}  And I continue to work on my 'problem' areas each day.  So there are strides there.  And feeling like I am in control of those areas, is empowering!  Have a great day!

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Esther Asbury said...

Absolutely gorgeous cover decoration and lots of fun beauties inside too!! Love it!