Tuesday, February 7, 2017

February Happiness

Hello.  I wanted to write a quick post.  I am still working on my 'happiness' challenge for myself, as one of my new year's resolutions.  In today's world, it is extremely easy to get mad, upset, and stay negative.  Well, I don't want to spend anymore time, energy, or health being negative.  So, I am looking for ways to remind myself to be happy! To stay positive.  To be grateful.  To count my blessings.  
I also started a planner, this year, to help me stay organized.  And Sundays are the start of each week in my planner, so on Sundays I write 3 things that I am thankful/grateful for, from the previous week.  I figure, why not start the week, acknowleging my blessings. {smile}
So, to keep me on track for the week, I give myself a challenge each week, to pass along the happiness, and stay focused.
And here is my February Happiness challenge:

Some of these require work, effort, and consciousness.  But, I think that is part of it.  We have to actively be happy, to stay happy.  To make an effort to change  the way we see our lives, our world, our neighbors, and our friends.  To actively choose to be happy, to smile, to find the good.  So, the last week of each month, I will create my own happiness challenge.  You are welcome to join, to participate, to create your own, to just be happy! 
Have a great day!  And help make our world a little happier! {smile}  Me, I'll be smiling, crafting, baking, sewing, and challenging myself to happiness!

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Katarina said...

So true! I think I will make my own "happiness list", thank you for inspiring me! Hope you will share your list every month.
Btw - lovely cards, thanks for inspiring me to be more creative to! :)