Monday, May 30, 2016

Rag Quilt Insert

Happy Memorial Day!  I hope you are well.  And don't forget to give Thanks to those military personnel who have sacrificed and who have fought for the freedoms we enjoy today!  {a moment of silence to say 'thanks' and say a prayer}
I have been working on my 'bed spring light' over the weekend.   I have the frame, which was shown earlier this month.  But, I was struggling with what to put behind the bed springs.  And I believe that I have it figured out!  (yeah!)  I recently purchased this gorgeous Rachel Ashwell shabby chic fabric, and some linen in a light kraft color and a dark brown-copper color.  I believe that I will be mixing all of them.  {smile}
I took the shabby chic fabric, and the light kraft linen fabrics, and cut them into scallop squares.  I also added some cream colored battling between the two fabric pieces.  Made little 'sandwiches' and sewn them together.  

shabby chic fabric squares
I sewn a simple X across each scallop square 'sandwich'.  Then I sewn the squares together in each row.  And then, the rows were sewn together.

Finally, I used super sharp scissors to cut snips in the fabric between the blocks, and machine washed this piece again, to help 'fluff' the snipped fabric between the squares.

Yes, the finally piece has the blocks in a different order. {frown}  Unfortunately, I was doing other 'things' while putting the rows together, and didn't realize I had the bottom two rows switched. {frown}  And now, that I am looking at this photo, I realize that I have two of the same blocks in the same row.  What the heck!  Well, this is the final piece.  I will not be making any changes.  Remember (or at least, this is what I am telling myself) a section of rusty bed springs, with lights will be sitting right on top of this piece.  I created this rag quilt piece to help give the 'bed spring light' a shabby chic, feminine look.  Hopefully, (fingers crossed) that with the bed springs, lights, drag chain, and chandelier crystals on top of this  piece, will distract your eye, and you won't notice the two pink ruffled squares in the same row.
Please stay tuned.  I will be going into town today, to pick up some globe lights for this piece.  The chandelier crystals should arrive around the middle of June; so a few weeks away.  But, I am planning on adding the chandelier crystals after the bed springs and lights are 'attached'.  I'm getting closer to being done!
Thank you for stopping by!  Have a great day, be safe, and take some time to craft something!


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