Monday, May 23, 2016

Drag Chain - Steampunk

Howdy.  I wanted to share with you a little piece of my latest home decor project.  While in Phoenix, I had the opportunity to stop by Sweet Salvage and pick up a few treasures.  {smile}  One of my treasures is a section of rusty bed springs.  I know, that doesn't sound like such a 'treasure'.  But, it truly is!
I want to make a light fixture out of this piece of rusty bed springs.   I know, that sounds a bit 'off' or 'crazy', but I have a vision.  And my vision also includes a piece of decorative 'art' to make it special.  While visiting Round Top, Texas, during Antique Week, I saw a piece of very interesting link chain.  I didn't buy it at the time, because the seller wanted to sell over 10yards in one bundle.  And I just couldn't justify the expense for the purchase.  The seller called it 'drag chain', and claimed that it was used in chicken coups.

Well, I found a seller on eBay, who was selling a 10 foot section.  I can handle 10 feet, just not 10  yards.  My chain arrived a few days ago, and well I have been busy.  Until today!  I opened my box, and the excitement bubbled up as if it was Christmas morning!  I plan on using this 'chain' as a decorative accent piece to my bed spring light fixture.  I haven't figured out {yet} how to attach it to the bed springs.  But, don't fret, I believe that I can figure it out.  {smile}
Stay tuned.  I can't make any promises as to when I will post photos.  
Thank you for stopping by.  I hope I have given you a new way to look at 'old' things, with a new eye! {smile}

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