Thursday, May 5, 2016

Repurpose into Art ?

Howdy.  I wanted to share with you, a little progress I have made on an altered art project.   Now, it is by no means, complete.  Still trying to figure out a few things.  But, I have a friend who assures me that folks would love to see 'what's going on'.  So, here it is:


I purchased these rusty bed springs while junking @ Sweet Salvage (in Phoenix) last month.  And I have a 'vision' for them.  You know the mantra: repurpose, reuse, recycle.  Great idea, and it goes sweetly with my little saying, 'use what you have'.  So, this 'art' piece is the marriage of the two.  {smile}  It can't get any sweeter than that!
I digress.  Once I saw the bed springs, I 'saw' art.  And I just had to get them.  So, I made my purchase, and yes, they went on the air plane with me.  This is the start of my 'art' project.
I distressed a frame I had.  I wanted the frame to look worn, so I did some simple distressing, nothing crazy of labor intensive.   I wanted to add burlap to the inside of the frame.  But the smell of burlap is nauseating, to say the least.  Instead, I purchased this natural linen.  I laundered the material, to help accentuate the weave, and assist in bringing out the 'weathered' look.  I cut the fabric to fit inside the frame.  Now, the technical part.  I want to add lights to the springs, and attach some chandelier crystals to hang off the bottom of the springs.  But, I can't decide if I want battery operated lights or an electrical card coming down from the back of the frame.  At this point my thought process is to use spray adhesive (E6000) on a piece of matt board, and adhere the material to the matt board.  Attach the bed springs to the matt board with a staple gun.  I'm thinking, create a small hole through the matt board, and a slit in the fabric to run the lights through.  But, I haven't made my final decision, yet.  [I like everything laid out, and arranged before I start cutting, gluing, and final assembly.]
If you are wondering where this 'art' piece is going to go?  Well, in my granddaughter's bedroom, here, at our house.  I would love to make a larger version, for my bedroom, but let me finish this one, before I try to convince my husband.  {smile}
Thank you for stopping by.  I hope I have given you a new vision when looking at 'junk'.  {smile}