Saturday, May 28, 2016

Small {Scale} Sweets Bakes

Howdy.  I know.  I've been absent.  But, in my defense, I have been busy baking! {smile}.  As some of you know, I love baking.  (I basically love all forms of creativity.)  I had a cupcake order (ok, 2), and a picnic to attend, so why not do it all at once!  Bake, bake, and bake some more!
The first order of cupcakes, were my version of a Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes.  It's a rich milk chocolate cake with cinnamon and cayenne pepper.  A layer of milk chocolate ganache, with a cinnamon whipped topping, and milk chocolate drizzle.  They are actually very yummy!

I also had an order for another chocolate cupcake:  Luck-Of-The-Irish.  A different chocolate treat, but equally delightful!  A rich dark chocolate & Guinness cake, with a whipped Irish Cream filling, caramel buttercream frosting, and milk chocolate drizzle.  

And then there is pie!  Who doesn't love a good, fresh, berry pie at a summer-time picnic/cook-out?

It's a slab pie.  [a 'slab' pie is baked in a rimmed cookie sheet, instead of round pie pans.]  You can serve a large crowd with a slab pie.  And it doesn't take any extra time than making a standard round pie.   The flavor of pie?  Junk Berry - apple, peach, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry.  There is not a top crush.  Instead, I did a sour cream topping.  It's a bit lighter, and complements the berries beautifully! {smile}.
* the photo labels of: Small {Scale} Sweets, is the name of my baking company.  It's not official, yet. But, why not get my unofficial name out there.  {smile}.
Enjoy your holiday weekend.  And remember to honor those who have sacrificed so much, so we can enjoy our freedoms today.  

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