Sunday, January 25, 2015

Vintage and Shabby, right next door

Howdy, and welcome to my little slice of blog-land.  It really does make my heart happy to have to visit.  {smile}
One of my favorite shops in town (Albuquerque, New Mexico) is the Specialty shop.  That's where I rent pans when I need to bake more than 2 cakes or 3 dozen cupcakes at once.  It's also where I buy edible glitter, flavorings, boxes, and a variety of many more baking supplies.  
Anyways, a shop that shares their parking lot is a 'new' shop named: Vintage Market and Design.  Ok, just from the name alone, it sounds fabulous!  And so, when I was returning a few pans from baking a three layer German Chocolate Cake yesterday, I went inside this 'new to me' shop!

To start, just look at their business card.  How clever, unique, and stylish is this?  The inside of this store is just as fabulous!
Oh my!  I was in vintage, shabby chic heaven!  It looks like a European flea market on the inside! rooms filled with all things vintage and shabby!  They have linens, furniture, nick-nacks, wall art, calendars, do-dads, books, sheet music, and so so so much more!
They also have a room dedicated to paper crafting!  YES, they do!!! Tim Holts, G45, Authentique, and a few other brands of this style of paper crafting.  But, they have tons of stuff.  Tons of unique and different stuff from the big box stores! and their prices are comparable to those big box stores.  And one of my greatest finds there:  Scor Tape!  Yes, we no longer need to make those purchases off the internet!  And all widths!
Ok, I just wanted to share this store with you.  I hope you venture in.  It is actually very neat, and wonderfully 'old'.  {smile}  They just may have a new stocker frequent visitor {smile}
Have a great day!  I am heading into my craft room.  I have a few special orders that I need to work on.  And yeah, I'll share a photo or two with you when I'm done.  Take care!

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