Monday, January 5, 2015

Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

Howdy!  I hope your weekend was productive! {smile}  Me, yeah!  I was surfing Pinterest over the weekend.  As most folks know, St. Valentine's Day, is my favorite holiday.  So, I was looking for some new card ideas, decorations, and of course food items!
I ran across a recipe of Strawberry Chocolate Chip cookies.  Ummm.  Interesting.  So, I read the recipe, and it sounds good.  And so I baked some.  You know, a trial run.  Will they bake as great as they are said to?  Will they taste wonderful?  And YES they are & do!!!

I got the recipe from Sally, HERE.  My cookies don't look as pretty as Sally's.  But, they will work.    Remember, this is the trial run.  and no, these are NOT pink chocolate chip cookies.  Remember, they are Strawberry flavored cookies with milk chocolate chips.  So, when we bit into them, it did take us by surprise.  Not overly strawberry-ish.  But, there is a strawberry flavor.  Not too surprising.  Just delightful!  
My next St. Valentine's Day treat, to try, will be Strawberry-Cherry Hand Pies.  Now how yummy does that sound!  Who knows, I just might make them heart shaped {smile}. 

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