Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year 2015

Happy New Year

I am always inspired and re-charged to start a new year.  It's an opportunity to change something.  I don't know about you, but I tend to make several new year resolutions and usually around march they have been pushed aside, and not kept up with.  But this year will be different.  No, I promise.  I am changing the way I look at my resolutions, and hopefully this changes the way I think.
For starters, Helen and the wonderful group over @ Holstee have a different way of starting your year.  Don't simply look back on it: relishing the good times/memories, and fretting over your regrets.  
But, rather learn from the past year.  Take a good hard look at your year.  What inspired you? What lessons have you learned?  What regrets do you have?  How can you change your path?  What can you learn from these experiences?
So, I am changing the way I think.  Hopefully this will change the way I act.  
One of my top resolutions is to stop spending.  To use what I have.  Repurpose, and reuse.  This will help my wallet/bank account, and help the environment.  So, both me and mother earth benefit.  
My other resolution is to do what makes me happy!  I don't mean rob a bank, or steal a car, or some other non productive, irrational behavior.  I'm also not referring to the 1980's motto.  But rather paint, draw, bake, craft, . . . . create.  Spend time with those who matter in my life.  Spend time doing hobbies.  Because these simple acts do bring ME joy.
And finally, take care of myself.  In the whole meaning!  Eating better, trying to get more than 4/5 hours of sleep a night.  drinking less coffee.  And exercising.  I know that it will lower my blood pressure, reduce my stress, make me 'happy', and help change my focus.  This resolution: exercising, is the hardest for me.  Not that I don't think I'm important, but basically 'I don't have time'. So, I have enlisted the help from my friends.  We are all training for a marathon.  I purchase my running shoes tomorrow.  I am downloading an app on my phone today.  
All of us have limits, have obligations, have 'things'  that hold us back.  So, use this day, to help break out, and break free of these limits and live the life you dream of!  Holstee has a great inspirational manifesto.  I have purchased the poster.  Last year.  And this year, it will be framed and hung on a wall, to 'inspire' me everyday!
I wish you all a great year.  And the strength to change what you want/need to change!

So, I ask the question: do you make new year resolutions? 

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