Saturday, May 3, 2014

More Cones

Wow.  That's kind of a crazy title, huh?  But, as promised the other day, I wanted to share some more of these super cute paper cones Tussie Mussies.  
This photo doesn't show all of the ones I made.  And it doesn't depict my favorite.  I'll have a few photos of that in a solo soon {smile}.  Ok, before I get past this thought of my favorite, sometimes I create stuff for craft fairs that then just can't part with them.  Don't know if that ever happens to you.   So, my solution may not be original, or 'fair'.  I will either remove it from the 'to be sold' batch and keep it for personal use, or I simply make it my 'sample'.  That sounds kind of sneaky, huh?
Here is most of the ones I made the other day.

Ok, before you say anything, let me say, that photographing these little buggers was a nightmare.  I wanted to photograph a bunch of them, and not one at a time.  The clothes pins are there to keep them from rolling over.  
In this photo, I have 2 'Adore', 2 'Mom', 3 'Happy Mother's Day', and one with no sentiment.  At first the medallions were all looking the same.  Yuck!  So, I started switching it up a bit.  However, not due to lack of creativity, but maybe time, patience, or just the strong desire to get them done, they all have the same center medallion piece.  Oops.  Sorry.  
and here is how they will be displayed:

Today, I will be at the La Cueva High School, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, from 8a to 4p.  I really enjoyed myself creating these little cuties.  Don't forget your chance to win some blog Candy.  See  Thursday's post, here
I am off to load the car and get on the road.  Hope you have a great weekend, and get a chance to do whatever craft makes you happy {smile}.

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