Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Today, holds a special meaning to all women who are mothers.  It's an exclusive 'club'.  The price of admission is becoming a mother.  You notice, that I didn't say, 'have a child'.  It's not that easy.  You need to be a mother; to nurture, care for, teach, love unconditionally, and give your whole heart away to the smallest of 'people'.  And not a mother to a chicken, a dog, a cat, a bird, or a tank full of fish.  A human baby.  A mother, to a human child.  
I am truly blessed to have two children.  They are both grown now.  And yes, they have children of their own.  My son has 3 children.  My daughter has 4 children.  (no, there was no contest)
And they have wonderful relationships with their children.  It makes my heart happy! {smile}
I got to spend some time with some of my grandchildren before this glorious day.  I thought about a 'gift' that they could give their mom, and I had (I think) a great idea.
Have each child make a picture.  Take a picture of the picture and make it the front of their Mother's Day card.

The picture 'canvas' is a 6" x 6" white heavy weight card stock.  I inked my granddaughters hand in Old Olive classic ink and had her place her hand on the paper.  These 'fingers' are the stems to flowers.  
I then inked her thumb in strawberry slush classic ink.  Her thumb 'prints' are the petals to flowers.  I inked her finger in crushed curry classic ink, to create the blossom center.  
I inked her thumb in old olive classic ink to create leave on the stems.
The random 'petal's are her doing.  I figured it gave her masterpiece an unique and original 'touch' [no pun intended {smile}].
The banner piece I found HERE.  It says, 'Mom, thank you for helping me grow'.  I thought it was perfect.  (There is also a download for teachers.)
So, mom has an original masterpiece to hang, and a matching card {smile}.
Thank you for looking.  I'm so happy that you had a chance to swing by.  Stay tuned for more creative crafts!  A little hint: I went to a home improvement store and I think I have a clever craft for you.

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