Sunday, May 18, 2014


If you have been waiting for this post, my apologies!  You'd think I had to travel somewhere to get this photo shot.  And truth be told, all I had to do was grab my camera and walk into the kitchen.  Not far at all!  But, it was actually a little more involved than that.  I did photograph the planted succulents after they were potted, but did n't check the photos.  Had errands to run, and got busy, and the photos were all blurry.  So, I shot them again.  Here is the best photo:

I actually had three jars, but my oldest granddaughter went with me to the garden shop to select plants, so I gave her one of them.  
I used two 8 oz jars and one 16 oz jar.  I just love these things!  I want to try my hand at faux mercury glass with a few canning jars and make some coffee filter flowers to put in them.  Lets see if I have time to complete the project, patience to dye the coffee filters, and the courage to try yet another new project.
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