Thursday, September 24, 2009

Faux Embossing/Ghosting

This card is the last card we did in the technique class 'Creatively Faux' last night. Thank you to all the ladies that came out and created these cards. This card enabled the ladies to learn two faux techniques: faux embossing/ghosting and faux stitching. The ladies seemed to have had a blast! We used the texture plates to give the card a little something. The colors were very repetitive. I used Almost Amethyst, to give everyone a break from my all time favorite pretty in pink and chocolate chip. I thought one more pink and brown card, and these ladies will string me up by my boot straps :)
To achieve this 'look', you first need to use the same color of ink as your card stock, when you initially stamp. Then stamp your image again with craft white ink. The second time you stamp, you want your images NOT to line up. You want them a little skew.
To achieve the faux stitching is very simple. Take a paper piercer and punch a series of holes in the paper, similar to that of a sewing machine. Then take a white gel pen and connect the holes. Not a lot of effort, but the finished product is pretty.
I added the crochet flower and corduroy button to soften the card a bit. I thought a solid ribbon would over power the whole look, so I chose the organza ribbon. I wanted white to be an accent color and not a main color.
Thank you for looking, and check back soon!

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Nichole said...

This card is fabulous! I am so bummed that I didn't get to attend your class; maybe next time.