Friday, April 29, 2016


While in Phoenix, this past week, I stopped by two very special, vintage, 'junking' shops:  Sweet Salvage and Melrose Vintage.  And oh my!  I just love both of these vintage, chippy paint, junking stores.  They are both very different, but very wonderful!
My first stop was @ Sweet Salvage.  This shop is on 7th Street.  And only open 4 days a month.  Yeah, you read that correctly.  4 days a month.  The third thursday thru that Sunday, this vintage, retro, 'junking' store opens its doors to an eager community.  I took my oldest granddaughter, and she loved it too!  We are now planning another trip.  {smile}

I picked up these bed springs.  Well, I also picked up a vintage skirt, some cheese graters, a window, and a few other little trinkets. {smile}  Now, when I brought these home, my husband was speechless.  Rusty bedsprings?  You paid cash?  Yes, I did!  I have plans for these bed springs.  I want to create a decor piece with them.  My current 'plan' is to distress a wooden frame, insert a burlap covered matt board.  I want to attach the bed springs to the burlap.  I'm thinking with a staple gun.  I also want to string lights through the bed springs.  I'll take pictures, during my process and share those with you, soon.  {smile}

And right down 7th street, is this charming, vintage shop: Melrose Vintage.  This little shop is open a few days a week, Wednesday thru Saturday.  This beautifully decorated shop has vintage, french furniture, antiques, decor items, Rachel Ashwell fabrics and paints, and a scrapbook section.

I picked up three different Rachel Ashwell fabrics at this vintage shop, along with a whole roll of this sweet pale pink seam binding.  I know, how super beautiful!  I don't have any 'real' plans for the fabric, but these beautiful, pink blossom fabrics, will add just the right amount of shabby chic-ness to any project.  {smile}

I also picked up some pattern papers, these paper blossoms, sequins, tins, and 2 rolls of this beautiful frayed-edge fabric.  The tins are pretty shallow, so those will make wonderful holiday ornaments.  The roll of fabric will be used for another fabric strip banner.

Thank you for stopping by.  I will be baking cupcakes tomorrow for a party.  I'll take a photo or two and share those with you, too!  Have a great weekend, and hopefully you get a chance to create something beautiful!

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Jill Norwood said...

Lovely finds! Thanks for sharing! :)