Saturday, April 16, 2016

KEEP Collective Social

Howdy! and welcome.  I am hosting a KEEP Collective Social.  If you are not familiar with KEEP Collective, it is a 'new' to me company, that sells keys (charms) and keepers (bracelet, tags, key fobs, and necklaces).   By selling these pieces separately, it allows you, the designer, to create your own one-of-a-kind jewelry piece.  A piece that represents YOU, what you love, what you believe in, and what is important to you.  The 'what' can be a word, or phrase (live your dream, joy, etc) it can be a symbol (barbell, birthstone, heart, wishbone, running shoe, etc) or it can be initials (letters, or greek letters) or wishing stones (amethyst, lapis, etc)  or decorative stones (geo bar, mother of pearl, etc) and then there are decorative charms (keys) (star, horseshoe, arrow, etc) to convey YOUR message.  
With you as the designer, to create a beautiful jewelry piece that consists of what is important to you, what has meaning to you, is endless!   So, why not create a special piece for that special MOM in your life, in just 10 easy steps!

1. Pick a jewelry piece (keepers) that she would love to wear: bracelet, necklace, pendant/tag.

2. Pick her favorite material to wear: leather*, mesh, or metal.
3. Pick her favorite color to wear: black, cool grey, spearmint, lavender, silver, gold, rose gold, hermatite, snake skin, came, etc.  (*leather bracelets are two-sided.  It's like getting two bracelets in one!)

4. Start selecting keys (charms) that are important to her:  birthstone bars, wish bone, her initials, words of faith, a cross, etc.

5.   Place these items in your virtual shopping cart.
6.   Fill-out the on-line order form.  (You fill out your address, and keep your credit card number with you.)
7.   Press 'submit' and your order is placed.
8.   Wait a few days, check your snail mailbox, and retrieve your package from KEEP Collective.
9.   Assemble your jewelry piece the way you want to present it, and place it in the decorative box.
10.  Add a wonderful Mother's Day card*, and viola! you are done!  [*all orders of $35/+ (in product), placed during this social, will receive a hand-made Mother's Day card from me, in your snail mailbox to the 'shipping address' you have entered.]

If you would like to host a social yourself, either in person, or on-line, please contact me, so we can get your party started!  Share these beautiful pieces with your family, friends, co-workers, the ladies at church, the ladies in your book club, the folks in your car pool, and so many more opportunities to share!  With qualifying party, you can get your uniquely YOU jewelry piece FREE!

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