Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pretty Vintage Mason Jar

So, I've been busy crafting.  I'm trying to get a few different, and new, items for this weekends Trash to Treasure Trunk Show.  But, I want to have repurposed, recycled, and reused items, that have a new, pretty life!  {smile} And one of the things I love to make for parties, is painted mason jars.  But I didn't just paint and distress my jars.  I also added some trims to jazz-up the jars! {smile}

To start, I painted the jar with cream/vanilla chalk paint.  I wanted a warm color under the main color, of white.  I allowed the paint to dry in-between coats.  I painted the jar with white chalk paint, as my final color and layer.
Once the paint was dried, I started distressing the jars with sandpaper.  I used three different grits of sandpaper.  I started with a medium grit, to knock off the most paint.  I did that, over all the raised lettering.
Then, I used the fine sandpaper to distress areas of the jar that would normally receive some 'wear and tear'.  And finally, some super fine grit sand paper, over the whole jar.  That way, all the brush strokes and 'thick' painted areas could be removed, and allow some varied imperfections to shine through. {smile}
The final touch was a layer of a creme sealant.  I hand-applied the sealant with a sponge and in a circular motion.  Once it set for 30 minutes, I used a soft rag and buffed the sealant.  Now, this distressed jar, will not 'distress' any further with normal handling.
No paint was applied to the inside of the jar; that way you can add fresh flowers, or a plant, or anything else that may require water.  *Just be careful not to soak or scrub the outside of the jar.
Now, let me share another jar.  This one is distressed in the same manner as the other jar.  However, I added some silver gilding randomly to add some antique sparkle.
I wrapped some taupe colored lace around the mouth of the jar.
I then added some antique pink tinsel just above the lace.
And then I added some pink and white paper shred garland.
The final touch, was a pale pink seam binding multi-loop bow, tied with thin silver cord, and an antiqued star added.
Thank you for stopping by today to see what I have been crafting.  I hope you have been inspired to paint and distress an empty jar for yourself.  And have FUN decorating it with what you have on hand.  {smile}

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