Saturday, January 2, 2016

Berry Pretty Basket

Howdy! and welcome!  I hope this new year is off to a wonderful start for you! {smile}  Me? well, I have been in my craft room, when I'm not shoveling/plowing the new snow fall.  So, I'm doing good! {wink}  Last month, I met this charming lady, Elma.  Elma, just loved the crafts she saw at one of my Holiday Craft Fairs.  Anyways, Elma, is putting together a Trash to Treasure Trunk Show, and  invited me to participate (be a vendor) at this years Trash to Treasure Trunk Show, and well, I accepted.  {super happy!}  I have been brain storming as to what I could create/craft to sell at the Trunk Show, and I believe I have a few 'new' crafts to sell! {Yeah!}

My main focus, is to craft/create stuff that is repurposed.  Because let's face it, isn't that the whole premiss behind a 'Trash to Treasure' Trunk Show?!
I found a stack of these plain white berry baskets in my craft room.  Originally, I purchased them to decorate for Easter.  And I did.  But only 4 were used.  So, I have quite a few left, and I knew I could do something 'pretty' and shabby chic with them.  I took out my bin of fabric scraps, trim, and sewing machine and I decorated the outside of one berry basket.  [It's my 'sample'.]  
and here it is:

I stacked a strip of red velvet, a strip of red and white seersucker, and a strip of white eyelet trim, and machine stitched them together.  Adhered the layered material to the outside of the white berry basket.  Made a hand sewn red velvet blossom, and adhered over the seam of my stacked material.  Viola!  Now, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, I haven't 'finished' this berry basket yet.  I haven't quite decided on what to add to them.  I was thinking about adding a tag,  or leaves, or an altered clothes pin, or shred, or a doily, or something else.  I just wanted to share my creation with you.  I believe that I will 'package' these gems in cello bags, that way you can 'see' it without leaving finger prints.    And unfortunately I don't come up with a price yet either. {frown}

But stay tuned, I have been 'working' on a few fabric banners and wreaths, and I want to share those with you soon.  {smile}  I hope you have been inspired to create something 'new' out of something old.  {smile}

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