Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happiness Cone

Welcome.  It seems that I keep forgetting to post some of my crafts here.  So, I won't keep apologizing.  YOU are important.  I'll work harder at getting items photographed during the week, and getting some eye candy posted on days other than saturday/sunday.
I made another Tussie Mussie last weekend.  And, well, as you already read, it didn't get photographed.  {frown}.  Until today!  

I always have fun making these little treasures.  {smile}  When I say 'little' I mean little.  They measure roughly 5" tall, and 2" wide (at the top). And one of the best parts, is that you can basically use your scraps to make these.  So, it's always fun to use those little hoarded pieces of pattern paper to make one more beautiful paper craft.  

And while figuring out how to photograph this little cutie, I had a wonderful (to me) idea for another project.  I will be making a few purchases in town today/tomorrow to get the needed supplies, and then watch out!  I plan on making a larger version of a tussie mussie for my craft table, for craft fairs. I'll give you a little teaser!  I currently use a mercury glass vessel to hold mints, for my customers or passers by, to have a free mint while they stop and take a look at my products.  But, what I'm thinking is, to make a beautiful larger Tussie Mussie to hold the mints. {smile}  How fabulous would that be?  I think wonderful!  

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