Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fairy Mini Album

~ photo heavy post ~

the embellishment collage on the cover
I am teaching a class at a private retreat next weekend.  The class I am teaching is a 'flip-flop mini album'.  The reason I call it a 'flip-flop', is that one page flips and another page flops {smile}.  Ok, one page opens up and one page opens down.  But lets admit, flip-flop is just fun to say {smile}.  I'll walk you through this mini album.  So, grab a cup of joe, a glass of lemonade, whatever quenches your thirst, and have a look!

Here is the cover.  I used a Fairy pattern paper by Prima for this mini album.  I cut this page of paper, to make sure the fairy would be honored with a collage of pretty trinkets.  I added a light bulb (ME), a butterfly bingo piece, a clay blossom, a pen nib, a lace bow, and this beautiful large blossom.  But take a closer look.  There are two silver glitter butterflies on the blossoms, and a collection of iridescent sequins.  {smile}  I did a little bit of stamping right on the pattern papers.  'LOVE THIS'

Here is the book opened.  The spine has a wooden embellishment piece, a black bauble, and a multi-loop bow of white, pink, and kraft seam binding.   

This is the inside cover has a decorative label piece with a date tag sticker.  I stamped onto the date sticker with a date spot.  I also stamped right onto the pattern paper is two sentiments about Remembering and loving these moments.  
The mini album pages have a little interaction.  So, lets start with the first page.  There is a faux pocket holds a photo matt for a wallet size photo.  But open this page, and . . .

expose a decorated glassine envelope and pocket.  Tags are housed in the pocket and envelope. 

Turn the page, and see another faux pocket.  This faux pocket holds a journalling block.  You can add a photo behind the journalling block.
Now, this next page is very exciting!  There is a tag with a paper blossom,  but open this flap, and there is a place to tuck a photo, in the 'take note' corner pocket.  But wait!

 Lift the page, and expose another place to hold a photo (or two) and another beautiful fairy.

Turn the page, and gaze upon the field of beautiful bright blossoms.  I have added photo corners at opposite corners to hold photos.  But, wait.  Open these bright blossom flaps, and expose . . . 

a panoramic view of bright blossoms, or a great collection of your favorite photos!  I have added photo corners to opposite corners, to allow you to display several of your favorite photos!

Turn the page, and expose another interactive flap.  The round label provides you with a place to pull the flap open to expose a journalling side bar, and a place to hold another photo.  And the opposite page has a corner pocket holding a tag.  This corner pocket will hold both a photo and the journalling tag.

If you open the flap on the left side and pull the page down, it showcases another beautiful fairy and a great place to hide photos and/or journalling.

Turn the last page, and here is one more beautiful spot to hold a photo.  And last, the inside of the back cover.  

Open the flap to provide you with a small journalling side bar and a beautiful spot to hold a photo.  The back cover doesn't stop the interactive pieces!  Here is a swing flap.  Move the tag, and the flap folds down to give you one more place to put wallet size photo(s) and/or a hidden journalling spot.

And here is the back cover.  I cut this pattern paper to show the butterfly.  I also wanted a lot of the text on the pattern paper.  I think it adds some visual interest without having to add anything.  I did stamp my 'brand' on the bottom in a light brown.  I didn't want the branding to be too obvious. 
Thank you so much for looking!  I will have this mini album on sale at my craft booth at this year's holiday arts and craft fairs!  


Unknown said...

I want to buy one.

Sharon Wheet said...

I am making more of these type of mini albums to sell at Holiday Arts and Craft Shows in Albuquerque, NM in November and December 2014. I will put a few in my Etsy shop before these shows.