Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

Now, before we head-off to our third holiday celebration today, I wanted to share with you, an ornament that my oldest granddaughter (H) made for her family.  H, is a caring, compassionate little girl.  She always thinks of others and I believe truly grateful for what she has.  H, saw an ornament that I made, and wanted to make one for her family.  I didn't have any more ball shaped glass globes, so we selected a bell-shaped glass globe.  H, selected the tree, we trimmed it down to fit, and then H, went to select all the embellishments and begin the assembly.  The bottle brush tree was hand-painted with white crackle paint to replicate snow.  The tiny pearls were glued on individually.  There are a few different buttons in front of the tree, as presents {smile}.  H, created her own winter scene.  Finally, we added mica flakes for snow.  We hot glued the tiny pom-pom trim and seam binding bow with clay blossom.  

I think H, did a great job!  I hope you like it too!  Before we head out the door, I want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday filled with love, laughter, and those who mean the most to you.  

I know that this holiday can be crazy busy, a bit hectic, and maybe a little overwhelming.  But, take time out to truly enjoy those around you.   Take a moment to talk with an aunt, and really listen to how she is doing.  Find the joy in a little one's smile.  Hold the hand of your grandmother, and truly be present when she speaks to you.  It's these little things that bind us together.  Family.  
We have all traveled miles and endured hardship.  So relish this time together, and  remember the warmth, the laughter, the hugs, and the good cheer in the these times.

Merry Christmas


Jill Norwood said...

How sweet she is to have made this beautiful ornament and keepsake! And what a treasure! I hope your holidays were filled with simple pleasures just like this! Mine were! Happy New Year my dear!

Sean Symon said...

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