Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, New You?

New Year's Resolutions.  Do you make these?  I use to, but found that I don't stick with them, and end up breaking them, before I know it.  Maybe they weren't realistic, or obtainable, or truly in my heart?  I don't know.  I think 'all' of us make the same resolutions:  loose weight, spend less money, and get more organized.  They sound fabulous.  
So, this year, I am trying something different.  I'm going to make my resolutions a priority.  A focus.  Something I truly want to change.  A better 'life'.

1.  eat better.  to be better.  a healthier me.  a practice to, 'you are what you eat'.
2.  stay focused.  to finish a project I set out to start.  regardless if it to clean out a closet, make a craft, try a new dish.  to start and finish what I set out to do.
3.  have a voice.  to speak-up for what I want.  to stand-up for myself, and stop sitting there, watching my own life pass me by.
4.  acknowledge blessings.  i know that I am blessed.  but I don't act blessed.  to start being truly grateful for what I have, cherish friends, find happiness in the little things.
5.  be a better friend.  i know that sounds funny.  but, I need and want to be a better friend.  to spend time with those who do mean the most to me.  to be an active in my friendships.

wow.  this is a tough list.  But, I am here making my vow to work on these resolutions, and to grow from them.  To help me stay on track, I'll post each month how I am doing, what I am doing to maintain these changes and how I have incorporated them into my life, to become part of my life.  Join me.  Let me know what you resolutions are, and who you plan to make them a priority.  Together, we can make a change.  Be the change we want to see {smile}.

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