Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Ball Dome

~ photo heavy post ~

Howdy.  Welcome to my little piece of blog-land.  I have been sick for a few days now.  I think its just a cold.  But, I have to admit, I feel horrible.  At times I'm freezing, and then I'm dripping with sweat.  My nose won't quit running, and my throat feels like its on fire.  
I don't have time to be sick.  I have obligations, chores, and deadlines to get to.  My children are grown, so I don't have to watch children.  But, my dog Sasha, needs to go out.  She loves her walks, and she needs play time.
I took a bunch of medicine this afternoon.  I had to get some things together for a holiday celebration this evening.  I won't have time to jet home before the party, so I had to get everything together this morning, before I left for work.

A wonderfully charming lady makes lotion and soap from her goat's milk.  The lotion is fabulous.  It's silky smooth, without a greasy feeling/residue on your hands.  The soap is just as great.  Rebecca makes two scents.  One has a subtle spice, the other a subtle almond scent.  So, I purchased 12 lotions, and 12 soaps (6 of each scent) for my Bunco ladies.  I plan on letting them select their own preference.  To keep the two scents separated and so I don't mix them up, I packed each scent differently.  
I'm a big believer in reuse and up cycle.  So, I made the packaging simply, for a non specific holiday, and no gender.  I didn't sign the tag, incase the recipient needs to use that too.

Moroccan Spice
Almond Biscotti
 We are also celebrating our Christmas party, tonight.  We select a name, and then you provide a gift.  A secret Santa, so to speak.  Well, since I have been ill, I haven't had a chance to go shopping.  So, I made my gift.  I created a Christmas ornament.  I used a glass ball dome by Melissa Frances.

close-up of glass ball dome ornament
For the gift bag, I added a multi-ribbon bow with two painted and glittered jingle bells tied with white bakers twine.  I added a blue sparkle tissue paper, to provide the ornament with some cushioning.

close-up of the multi-ribbon bow
Well, thank you for stopping by.  I hope that you have been inspired to create something wonderful, for someone wonderful in your life {smile}.

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