Monday, December 2, 2013

fluffy bites of heaven

I love to cook bake.  I really mean it.  I'll find a recipe that just sounds wonderful and head straight for my kitchen and make it.  My husband loves it, too.  His waist band, not so much.  (We won't discuss my waist band.)  Now, not to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty good at it, too!  My friends always ask me to take pictures of what I cook, and sometimes most times I forget.  Well, not necessarily forget, I just get too excited to taste my creation, that I don't reach for a camera, but rather a fork.  I'm working hard at trying to correct this habit.
Anyways, the reason I'm rambling about baking, is, I see this commercial on TV, asking, 'if you could do anything, and someone would pay you, what would you do?'  Folks answer, 'open a book store', 'pie maker', 'gardener', 'architect', yada yada yada.  You get the picture, right?  Well, this guy goes on to tell you that, that is what retirement is for.  Ok, not to be a negative Nancy, but that's not realistic.  Who do YOU know, who is retirement age (65/+) who is able to start a new career, or 'work' their dream?  Me, I don't know anyone at that age, who can physically do their dream job.  My mother, for example, is in her late 60's.  Recently retired.  Her dream job was to have a dog grooming business.  My mother, is in no physical condition to be on her feet 12 hours a day, hunched over a tub washing dogs.  I don't want to wait another 20 years, to pursue my dreams.  I hate that commercial.
Ok, I guess I'm rambling.  I have a dream, and yes, it is fueled by my passion to bake.  I want to have a food truck.  Crazy, huh?  But no.  I'm serious.  I don't want any food truck.  I want a vintage-style food truck.  You know, that soft bluish-green, with white trim.  Totally cute.  A cute little awning over the service window to provide shade, when you are placing your order.  But, I don't want to serve lunch.  Oh no!  I want to sell you a cupcake. And not just any cupcake.  But an original cupcake.   I want to sell cupcakes and frostings/icings separate.  So, YOU can select what icing you want on your cake.  I'll provide daily specials, like Chocolate birthday cake, with double-chocolate buttercream icing.  A red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.  But, it will also give you the freedom to mix and match.  Why not have carrot cake with a vanilla-bean buttercream icing, instead of the traditional cream cheese icing? 
My passion for baking has fueled a dream.  I even have a name for my little business.  (It's a secret, until I can 'purchase'/license the name).  I know I want to package my custom cupcakes in pink pastry boxes, with my logo embossed in silver.  

So all this talk about baking, has lead me to grab my camera, (instead of a folk), to share with you what I made.  

I found another recipe for home-made marshmallows.  I say 'another' recipe, because I have made these before, a few times, with horrible results.  I almost gave up on this treat.  But, I'm pretty stubborn.  And, I am super happy to have found a recipe that is workable, and comes out as planned.
All I have to say, is, 'these are delicious!'  So, if you are a regular recipient of my home-made goodies at Christmas time, keep an eye out for a package of these fluffy bites of heaven, to be in your 'goodie-box' along with some blended double-chocolate cocoa.  Because what is better, than a mug of deep, dark, rich cocoa topped with a home-made vanilla-bean marshmallow?  Not too much.
Thank you for stopping by.  I know that this is a crazy, busy time of the year, and I'm glad that you stopped by.  Be safe.  Until next time, happy crafting, whatever that 'craft' may be: sewing, baking, paper crafts, wood-working, canning, cake decorating, etc.  {smile}

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