Monday, August 26, 2013

Sew, it's Monday

What a busy weekend.   But, I'm sure that you had one, as well.  Saturday, we threw and attended a birthday party for our oldest grand son.  He turned 3 {smile}.  Spiderman, was the theme.  We did a great job, and my daughter, hired two college students to dress and act like Spiderman and Venom.   Very fun!
So, that left Sunday to me!  I set down at my sewing machine and started getting some crafts done for the holiday Arts and Craft Shows.  I know that it seems crazy to some folks to start Christmas crafts.  But, I have at least four craft fairs this year.  For my usual inventory, I have about 5/6 different crafts, but I like to have a wide-selection of each craft on hand, so almost anyone can find something they like {smile} and hopefully purchase.  
Today, I started working on my altered onesies.  It's super easy for me to create for little girls.  Boys, for some reason, are hard.  So, today, I focused on easy.  Here are a few onesies, that I finished.  I have half a dozen completed.

 The 'birdie' is machine sewn onto the onesie.  
The button 'eye' is hand sewn.

The 'blossom' was created with three different size circles, 
and three circles of each size.  
The ribbon leaves were machine sewn onto the onesie.  
The button center is hand sewn.  

The snowflake was cut from felted wool.
French knots are sewn at each end.  
The button and twine bow are hand sewn to the center.

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look.  I will be mailing out my Arts and Crafts fair schedule postcards, the first week of October 2013.  I will be selling at Arts and Craft Fairs in Albuquerque, New Mexico.   If you would like a postcard mailed to you, please email me your address, to:  

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