Thursday, August 1, 2013

Zipper Gift Card

Whew, it feels good to be home.  We spent 9 days on the Maryland coast, unplugged, and doing, nothing.  It was very wonderful!  If any of you get a chance to spend a few days recharging, I strongly suggest turning your cell phone, lap-top, and tablets off.  The absence of these devices is very calming.
Anyways, now onto crafting.  I celebrated Christmas in July a few weeks ago with my Bunco group.  And I wanted to share a popular item.

Zipper Card with matching Gift Bag

I just love gift sets that match.  To me, its a little thing that shows you put thought into what you assembled.  The gift bags are empty, just decorated with matching pattern papers. 

The zipper cards hold a Starbucks gift card.  To open, pull the tab and un-zip the card front to reveal your gift card!
Unfortunately, once unzipped, the card is ruined, but alot of fun to do!  So, I made an identical zipper card, that is un-assembled, so the recipient of the gift bag set, can add their own gift card/cash, and still give away this gift set.

I also included a post card, with the location, dates, and times of the holiday craft fairs that I will be selling my hand-made paper crafts at, this year.  I'm doing something a bit different this year.  If you bring your post card to any one of my craft fairs, and present it, you will receive an exclusive gift.  It's my way of thanking my loyal customers and friends.

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