Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pantry Peaches

I know that I have been absent, and I apologize.  We had an extended vacation to the east coast, and well, it's about that time to start planning for holiday arts and craft fairs {smile}.  It's also the closing of summer, and the bounty of this season's crops are ripe for the picking - peaches, and blueberries for me.  I have a love for blueberries and peaches.  My most favorite pie, is peach pie.  Home-made.  Fresh.  And my most favorite topping for pancakes is blueberries.  Fresh.  Plump.  Yum!

I went to the farmer's market last week, and the peaches were plentiful.  Large, juicy, and fresh.  So, I purchases several pounds, and started canning.  I added some spices and vanilla.  Peeled, pitted, and sliced the peaches.  Steralized the jars, and 2 piece lids.  Canning. 
Here is what my canned peaches look like: 

These fresh spiced peaches are delightful on pancakes/waffles:

I purchased about 5 pounds of fresh, ripe peaches, and they only produced four pint jars.  For canning, I added sliced, spiced peaches in the empty jars, two-thirds full, and added the juice to fill the jars. leaving an 1/2" head space.  These peaches are delicious!  I believe that I am going to swing by the farmers market tomorrow, to pick up some more fresh peaches, to can some more {smile}.
I have to admit, that I adore love, the whole process of canning.  To me, it is relaxing, humbling, and creative.  To start with a simple ingredient, that is nurtured by nature and man, and preserving it, to keep, to enjoy another season.  
I will be selling a few of these gems in my Etsy shop.  And a few, at one of my arts and crafts shows, this holiday season.  I will be posting my holiday Arts and Craft Show schedule, in October.

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