Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!
I want to take a moment, and wish everyone around this beautiful globe, a very Merry Christmas!  With today's technology we are able to reach out to folks across the globe, and to connect with other cultures, and through other languages, than our own native tongue.  I hope all people find hope, love, and happiness during this season of giving.  And that they start a new year, with a new purpose of forgiveness, love, and laughter.  Our globe is becoming more and more small, and our need to learn to  work and live together becomes stronger and stronger.  May we all find Peace!

I make my own cards, as you all know.  And I make my own Christmas cards, as well.  Typically, I make one card.  But there are years, and this one is no different, that I make 2 cards.  I can't decide which one I like better, so I make both, and it is generally a roulette as to which one you will receive. {smile}  I wanted to share them with you, here, @ my little piece of blog-land: Designs by Sharon.

This one I made first, and I loved the large sentiment piece.  
So of course, I had to add a large bow. {smile}

I wanted a smaller sentiment, but one just as 'pretty', 
to show-off that beautiful pattern paper!

Recipe:  I used Stampin' Up! crumb cake card stock as the base of these cards.  Their card stock is a nice heavy weight, that will stand up to my layers.  {smile}
The layers:  first piece is Mint Macaroon by Stampin' Up!.  I just love this shade of blue green.  It is soft, sweet, and super easy to work with!  
The next layer, is a retired piece from Stampin' Up!.  It came from a holiday collection last year.  I just love sheet music!  
The next layer, is a candy stripe from Sweet Peppermint collection of pattern paper by Prima.  I just love the red and white diagonal stripes.  The shade of red is vintage, and really pops with the mint macaroon.  
And the top layer, is this fun, festive advent calendar holiday print from the Sweet Peppermint collection by Prima.  It has numbers, words, images; everything you would find, or need on an advent calendar.  I thought this paper was just divine, with a bit of nostalgia.  {smile}
I added a simple machine stitch border all the way around.  And yes, sewn through all the layers. {smile}
My sentiment pieces are on whisper white card stock by Stampin' Up!.  I love both the weight of this paper and the feel.  The weight is light, so it won't add bulk to your projects.  The feel is super smooth.  It takes ink (any variety) beautifully!  I matted the sentiment piece with another piece of mint macaroon card stock.  I thought it would help give some definition for that piece, and repeating the same color help solidify that color as belonging to the project.  I kept my sentiment colors, to those I used in the layers of pattern papers.  I didn't want to distract the eye.
I tied bows in either mint macaroon lace or a vintage red gingham print.  The mint lace repeats the mint color from the layers, and the red gingham print repeats the red candy stripes, anchoring both ribbons to the project.  I then tied the embellishment to the bow with thin silver string.  I wanted a sparkle of metallic.  I used either a frosted candy cane or a shiny pine cone.
The cards remain blank inside, and this year I actually wrote in them.  Shocking, I know.  If you didn't know, I never (until now) write in my cards.  I add a hand written note, or typed note to the inside of the card.  That way, you have a card to give.  It's like receiving two gifts in one {smile}.

Well, I am off to the kitchen to get a few dishes started for Christmas dinner.   I hope you are able to share this beautiful season with family and friends.  I think being surrounded by those who love you, and care about your happiness, is enough to bring you joy!  And my heart goes out to those who are serving abroard and can't be with their love ones.  It is a sacrifice to keep our nation safe.  So be vigilant and guard us well.  Merry Christmas! and Peace on Earth.

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