Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas Tiny House

Howdy!  I wanted to share with you a project I made, that isn't all paper.  I made these tiny wooden houses for my holiday craft fair.  (Yep.  Me.)  But, I cover them with paper and fun embellishments.  My husband does a little wood working, and so he did help me in the beginning.  But, I'm a quick learner {smile}.  I made a few dozen of these for my holiday craft fairs.
I started with a scrap piece of MDF.  (please, I don't know what that stands for, or what it means.)  And I cut house shapes out of it.  My house shapes aren't perfectly symmetrical.  Which, is how I like it!  I think it helps add character, and interest to the finished product {smile}.
here is one of my holiday favorites:

Recipe:  The tiny wooden 'house' roughly measures 2 inches wide (at the base) and 1 1/2 inches tall (at the peak) and 3/4 inch thick.  Super cute size!  I painted the block (all over) with white chalk paint.  Just one good, thick coat.  Then I took my sanding block and sanded it smooth.  This took off some of the paint, giving my naked block a distressed look.  It also help soften the corners.  Then I applied a cream sealant.  I didn't want the block to continue to 'loose' its paint.  
Now the fun part! Decorate!  I used two scrap pieces of my Tilda pattern paper. (love, love, love this paper!)  I used my Paper It to adhere the pattern paper to the block, and it also seals the paper.  To help cover the seam of the two papers, I added a scrap piece of white crochet trim.  I added this beautiful rhinestone flat-back snowflake.  It has so much sparkle in real life.  I tied a tiny bow with a scrap piece of pink silk 1/4" ribbon and adhered it to the other side of the snowflake.  I added a trio of flat-back faux pearls; one in the attic, and two on the side.  (I thought it added a fanciness, and a sweet feminine touch.)  The word 'NOEL' is actually a rub-on.  My final touch, was to add 'snow' to the roof.  I adhered glitter to the roof, and then sealed the glitter with an application of Paper It.  I didn't do anything to the back.  So, it is left plain, well, distressed {smile}.
Thank you for stopping by and having a look!  I will get busy making a few things for some challenges I want to enter.  Hopefully, I can get some 'good' photos (fingers crossed).  So, please come back again soon!  But, until then, happy crafting!

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