Saturday, February 20, 2016


Good Morning.  Yeah, I know it's early.  But, I just love the quiet at this time of day.  No one awake.  No one moving around.  Just me, and my coffee.  Love this time of day! {smile}
My brain is moving in different directions, my thoughts are going every which direction.  But, I'm sure most of you can relate to that.  Todays frenzy is about jewelry.  I know, how crazy is that for me. But, I want to share with you, my first show.  I signed up to be a jewelry designer for a new (to me) company:  KEEP Collective.  They sell bracelets, pendants, and key fobs (keepers), and some very beautiful and unique charms (keys).  So, you can create your very own one-of-a-kind inspirational jewelry piece: spell out what moves you, or add your monogram, or anything your heart desires!
Their bracelets (keepers) are reversible, so you can get two different looks and their charms (keys) are removable and repositional, so you can change the look easily!

Get 8 looks with one keeper and 2 keys. 

Anyways, today is my very first 'showing'.  My sweet daughter is throwing a party, so she is the hostess.  {She is just the best!}  So, I have invited some of my friends, and some of her friends, to share this 'new' company with.  I know it will be a success, because these pieces are top quality! and simply gorgeous in real life!
I just wanted to share with you my good news.  But, if you just love this, or are simply courteous, stop by her house today 1130a -2p, and 'play' with some pieces.  You can place an order with me at her house, or on-line.  Either way you will love what you create!
Here are some beautiful pieces you can make:
spell out your destination

add words/letters/symbols that are important to you
add a time piece, or add a word, or spell it out!
make it a monogram
make your own custom set (rose gold and rose quartz)

The look, the design: is all YOU!  Use your favorite metals (silver, gold, rose gold), your favorite materials (leather, metal mesh), and add what YOU love (words, letters, stones, symbols).  Create your own one-of-a-kind jewelry piece or collection!  Buy a few pieces to start, and create your custom look over time.  Let your family and friends know how much you love KEEP Collective, and they can give you gift certificates so you can add to your collection, or simply start your own!

Well, I'm off to get my stuff together, get some breakfast, and do a quick run before I head into town!

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