Tuesday, February 23, 2016

3T Tuesday: Sew Clean

Howdy! and welcome to another edition of Triple T Tuesday.  This is my forum to provide you with various Tips, Tricks & Techniques.  So far, I have focused on paper crafting, but I also add some cooking and sewing posts.  {smile}

Todays title is Sew Clean.  I love adding machine stitching to my greeting cards.  But, as you know machine stitching sews on both sides of fabric and paper.  And, I think if you see the stitching inside a card, it looks sloppy, and not 'clean'.  
So, here is my TIP: when you add machine stitching to your paper crafting, only put that layer thru your sewing machine, and use very strong adhesive to attach the sewn piece to your paper craft.
photos, of course:

When layering your papers, use minimal adhesive toward the center of your papers.  You just want to adhesive to help 'hold' the papers/trims in place while sewing. 

See how 'ugly' the backside looks?  You wouldn't want THAT on the inside of your card.  So add your strong adhesive over the machine stitching.  This will hold the paper pieces together, and will also bind the machine stitching to the card.  Holding the pieces together, and keeping the stitches from coming undone!

The inside of the card, looks Clean and Crisp.  Perfectly beautiful!  All your machine stitching is hidden, out of sight, and not inside the card!
I hope you found this TIP helpful!  

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