Saturday, September 19, 2015

Advent Calendar and Contest

Welcome!  As you know, the holiday season is quickly approaching, and I have been busy crafting for several upcoming Holiday Arts & Craft Fairs being held in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the upcoming months.  Unfortunately I have several works completed, and packaged, and have not shared, yet.  But I will!  This past week, I showed you photos of a desk-top calendar I made.  I sold these last year, and they did very well.  But as you had seen, they take-up a lot of posts.  So, for the future, I will only share 3-4 photos, so you don't get bored looking at the 'same' thing.  {smile}
I have been making more decorated tins, gift card holders, gift bags, and more.  Next week, I'll start on my jar toppers.  Those were a huge success last year as well. {smile}
But today, I want to share a little project I have been working on, and have been stuck for over a month.  UGH!  For those of you who don't know, when I decide to make a craft, I always make a 'sample'.  That way, I know what I'm doing, and it gives me a chance to experiment.  It also gives me an opportunity to decide if I will spend my time creating more of these.  This project wasn't hard to do, but a bit time consuming.  The success of this project determines if I make anymore of these advent calendar box trees.

I call this craft a 'Advent Calendar Box Tree'.  I have 24 boxes, that are 2" cubes.  All of them have been edged in gold ink, and papered with a new holiday pattern paper collection by Echo Park (I believe).  The boxes open in different directions, to help keep the daily surprises 'fresh'.  I haven't put the 'numbers' on the box fronts yet.  I have those done.  Here is my 'problem' and my opportunity for a 'contest'!  Submit your idea on how to indicate which way the box opens (up, left, etc) and the idea I love and use, will win a prize! 
So, please keep in mind, the base has not been done; it will be a round paper mache box that is covered with the same pattern paper.  The topper has not been done; it will be another box.  And the numbers have not been adhered to the front of the boxes.  [the number circles are done in the same shades of green and red.]

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