Sunday, September 27, 2015


Hello.  Earlier this week, I went to afternoon tea with a couple of girlfriends.  And well, we had a blast!  There is a 'new' tea room in Albuquerque, NM, call the Ivy Tea Room.  Let me just say, that it was wonderful!  The decor is fresh and fabulous! and the food was excellent!  Did I mention that the three of us are true foodies?  Yeah, we know food, and we know great food!  and this was GREAT!

For those of you who do tea, you know about the tiered dish, but for those of you who don't, all of your food is served at once.  You eat your way up to the desserts.  There is a tea that is paired with each course (or level of the service).  At the Ivy Tea Room, you are given a menu of the teas that they serve, and your attendant will help you select a tea that will go nicely with that days menu.  It was rather refreshing to select our own teas.
Please note that the food needs to be prepared, so that it is easily eaten in several small bites.  So, you won't see large portions served.  Remember danity size food, to compliment the delicate tea service and doilies.
Here was our service:

Ok, as you can see, I have labeled some of the foods.  Let me first start by saying that everything served was delicious!  The atmosphere was upbeat, the furniture was unique, eclectic and comfortable.   We felt welcomed, and relaxed.
1st course (bottom layer):  We had open faced egg salad sandwiches, cucumber and lemon aioli sandwiches,  pea puree with manchego cheese crisp topped with prosciutto, and the center item was a beet waffle basket filled with goat cheese and turkey, topped with dried cherries and pistachio dust.  
2nd course (middle layer):  We had a warm broccoli, roasted red pepper and cheese stratta, and cranberry orange scone with orange glaze.  The clotted cream served in the middle was a fresh vanilla bean clotted cream.  
3rd course (top layer):  We had a salted caramel cream puff with toasted almonds, and two seasonal cakes:  a layered chocolate cake with a whipped peanut butter filling, and a blondie (brownie).

If you are new to 'tea' or simply want to experience something 'new', this is the place to go!  There are several seating areas.  Each seating area has beautiful furnishings, that are a bit hip and fresh.  The atmosphere is relaxed, but exciting.  And the service is impeccable!  This would be a great place to hold a bridal shower for a young bride, or a red hatters luncheon.  And yes, I would definitely go again!  {smile}

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