Friday, February 21, 2014

Trio of Card-Gift Combos

I have to say, making these Card-Gift Combo's, is a lot of fun! 
Whew, I have been busy making some paper crafts for my upcoming Spring Craft Fair @ Albuquerque Christian School, in March.  Ugh, next month.  So, as you can imagine, I'm crafting every chance I can.   One of the new items at my booth, are these adorable Card-Gift Combos.  I've featured several of these little beauties here, here, and here.  Not to mention the one I made this week.

If you are a new visitor, These little beauties, open like a card, but they store a drawer, that can potentially hold a gift.  The drawer has a lot of versatilities.  You can store hand-made embellishments, a necklace, a bracelet , a gift card, a set of movie tickets, event tickets, a hand-made ornament, etc.  See, a lot of potential {smile}.

I love to mix patterns and colors.

to celebrate almost any occasion 

another any occasion ticket
no sentiment, so you can add your own

I love to mix pattern papers, and to added different and interesting embellishments.  But, I have noticed through the years, that if I sit and make several of the same items, they all begin to look alike.  So, I am taking a break from making these little beauties.
Today, I will be working on some altered magnetic initials.  And yeah, I will be selling these, too.

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you have found something you like, and maybe be inspired to create something, too!

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