Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pretty as a Cupcake

Welcome.  I've been a bit busy, and so this post will be short, but oh so sweet {smile}.  Sorry, I just couldn't resist.  Anyways, I finished another arts and craft fair, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, yesterday (Nov. 9, 2013).  I really love doing these little venues.  It's really nice to chat with other crafters, and to meet folks who can appreciate hand-made items.
I was able to sell some home-made baked goods at this craft fair, and of course I took a picture.  However, once again it was with my phone, and well, it was with my phone.

I kept my table coverings the same: white table cloth with burlap overlays.  I also kept all my display trays white.  I changed my signs from pink and white, to this fabulous soft pale blue.  I changed the color to blue, to give some separation.  (Separation from home-made baked goods and home-made paper crafts.)
Before you ask, those trays holding the food, were actually purchased at a big box store (W*mart).  They were those cheap-o, flimsy cookie sheets that you can buy a three pack for like $4.  I purchased a can of cream spray paint from a big box craft store (H*Lobby).  Spray painted them, so they would match my shabby chic/country look.  Easy peasy.  However, it did take 3 coats of paint.  But trust me, I didn't stand there watching the paint dry.  I used that time, to keep crafting! {smile}

So, from left to right: the kraft bags, have cinnamon-spiced mixed nuts (almonds and pecans).  I added a pink gingham bow, along with a label in kraft, black and white.
The 3 loafs in front of them, are Pumpkin-Cranberry bread.  I tied the tins closed with white curly ribbon, and added a soft orange label.
The middle tray holds Double Chocolate Brownies.  I added a strip of parchment paper cut with peeking sheers over the saran wrap.  To help secure the parchment paper strip, I added a white and silver ribbon, and a green label.
And the tray with the puffy packaging are Vanilla Cupcakes.  The cupcakes have pink icing and edible glitter.  Because don't pink cupcakes need glitter?  I think it is actually a culinary rule {smile}.  Each cupcake is in a clear 9oz beverage cup, inside a clear cello bag, tied with gold and white curly ribbon.  I affixed a blue-ish green label to the outside of the bag.

I had several folks stop by, just to see my display, and comment on how pretty everything was.  (very sweet to hear - no pun intended).  Some folks thought the cupcakes were soap, candles, or bath bombs.
Comments I heard, were that they were too pretty to eat!  How sweet, but no, these cuties actually taste as fabulous as they look!

My next location:  Tramway Community Church, Albuquerque, New Mexico.  November 15th (Friday) and 16th (Saturday), 2013.  So, please stop by, if you haven't' already.  It will be great to see folks!  Remember, when you purchase a hand-made item, you support the artist by allowing them to continue to create what they love!

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