Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mailing List = Free Tags

Howdy!  I hope this post finds you well.  Me, busy as a little bee! trying to get more crafts made for my next upcoming Arts and Craft Fair show.  I'll be at Cleveland Middle School, in Albuquerque, NM.  I haven't participated in this craft fair before, so I hope to meet some new folks, and share my paper crafts with them.
Each year, around the summer time, I try to get my schedule of Arts and Craft Fairs together, so I know which venues I'm at, and give my customers a heads up.  Then in October, I mail out my Craft Fair Schedule postcard, to anyone who has requested to be on my mailing list.  
This year, I wanted to add something to the whole process.  So, when I created my post cards, I added a little blurb at the top, letting the recipient know, that if they bring my postcard, to any of the craft shows I am at, they will get an 'exclusive gift'.  It is basically a way for me to thank my past customers.  And here is a look, at their 'exclusive gift'.  
a pair of holiday gift tags:

As you can see, it is a matching duo of tags.  But, before someone gets the wrong idea, or I don't make it clear, the gift is one decorated glassine bag with the two coordinating tags (not both tag collections).
For the tags in the top row, uses my favorite rustic holiday paper: Rustic Snowflakes.  The bottom row, used my favorite traditional holiday paper: Holiday Flourishes & Swirls.  I stamped the 'to' and 'from' onto the tags themselves, using the Holiday Fillers Friendship Jar stamp set.  That font just has a country charm to it.  For the middle sentiment, I used two different stamps.  The 'Merry Christmas' is from the Come to Bethlaham stamp set.  The 'Holiday Cheer' is from a decade old Anna Griffith holiday stamp set.
As for the decorated glassine bags, I simple wrapped a piece of coordinating pattern paper around the middle of the bag, and then I wrapped a piece of ribbon around the pattern paper.  To create the 'label' I  stamped a polka dot frame, using the Four Frames stamp set.  Then I stamped a sentiment inside.  I used the Berry Christmas and Heritage Holiday stamp sets.  I added a vintage button to the front of each bag, just to give it that home-made feel.
I had a few folks ask how much the tag sets are, and well, they aren't for sale.  They are my exclusive 'gift' for those folks who have come to my booth at various craft shows, and have asked to be on my mailing list.
At this point in time, I haven't decided yet, if this will continue to next years Craft show tour, so this may be your only chance to receive this little 'gift'.  I only have two crafts shows left this holiday season!
I want to Thank all the nice, lovely folks who have taken the time, to stop by booth, and take a look at what I have created.  I know that my 'style' is not everyone's favorite.  But, I do appreciate the lovely compliments, and the chance to get my paper crafts into your hands.

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