Sunday, November 3, 2013

Holly Days

Whew, what a busy weekend.  I am spending today getting caught up on chores, and carving out an hour to 'put my feet up' {smile}.  I spent a lot of time last week paper crafting, to increase my inventory of products to sell at some up-coming arts and craft fairs.  I know that my husband has 'missed' me, seeing as all my waking time was spent in my craft room.  Poor man.  But, that commitment and focus hasn't changed.  I have another arts and craft fair this next weekend, and I need to make some more items that sold out yesterday.
On a bright and cheery note, the folks who did stop-by my booth and take a look, did say how pretty my things were (smile).  I even have a few special orders that I need to start working on, too.  Busy little bee, I am.  But I do enjoy the whole process of paper crafting {smile}.
I took a photo of my booth just before the start of the 18th Annual Holly Days Arts and Craft Fair, this year.  However, the photo was taken with my phone, so it isn't the best, and the morning sun was shining right onto my display booth {frown}.  But, all in all, it was good.

Right to Left and Top to Bottom:  the carousel holds hand-made cards that I have made this year.  Just in front of that, is a gray wooden frame that is holding magnetic letters.  On top of the white shelves, is a white 'basket' that is holding snowman poop, in the black wire 'basket' is tubes of magic reindeer food, and the last wire basket holds magic Santa keys.  In the cubbies of the white shelves are (right to left) gift boxes, then gift card holders, and small gift bags.  In front of the white shelves (right to left), are altered mini note books, then covered note pads and then food-safe bags with vintage/shabby tags.
At the end of the table, I have 3 rows of canning jars with Blueberry Spoon Fruit, Vanilla Spiced Peaches, and Cranberry Relish.  On the vintage white cake stand, I have my home-made pure Vanilla extracts made from different vanilla beans from Mexico, Indonesia, Tonga, and Uganda.  These different regions, with their different soils and climates, create unique tasting vanilla beans.
I had a sweet time talking with other crafts, and meeting folks who stopped by to chat.  If you are in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area this coming weekend, please stop by my booth @ the Cleveland Middle School.  And if you received a post card of my craft fair schedule, don't forget to bring it with you, to receive your exclusive gift {smile}.

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