Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Heaven in a Bite

Welcome.  Today I don't have a paper craft.  But I do have something to ignite the appetite!  Cupcakes!
I found a deliciously intriguing recipe, and really wanted to give it a go.  The recipe used a Chocolate Sour Cream cake.  Sounds delicious.  And I imagine it is.   But, I really wanted to make a simply terrific chocolate cake.  The frosting and topping are super loaded with yumminess, so I kept the cake a deliciously simple recipe.  The frosting, is a whipped peanut butter frosting: two bricks of cream cheese, one stick of butter, 2/3 cup of creamy peanut butter, and 5 cups of powdered sugar.  Then to top off the finished cupcake, the recipe called for a peanut butter-chocolate garnache: dark chocolate, peanut butter, butter and heavy cream.  YUM!  To pull it all together, I added a piece of a peanut butter cup.
a photo: enjoy calorie free!

Ok, a little back history on the cupcakes in cups.  I let quite a few friends know that I was headed home to make these, and I had a few requests to 'save' them one.  So, to keep their 'save'd cupcakes separate, I put the cupcake in a wide clear cup, and put the cup into a clear bag.  Then tied the bag closed with a pretty ribbon.  So, the cupcakes that are 'saved', will be beautifully packaged, and remain fresh. {smile}
I enjoy baking.  The whole process, takes my mind off work, and helps me recharge my creativity for  paper crafting, too.  I recently saw an advertisement for a reality show starting next month, called the Great American Bake Off.  or like that.  And I felt a pain in my heart, that I didn't apply to be on the show.  So, bet your bottom dollar, I will be watching the first episode, to see if my hopes and dreams for the show become a reality.  {smile}
Thank you for stopping by!  Hope you stop by again soon.

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Angella D. Crockett said...

The cupcakes look amazing and I LOVE the cup idea!!!! Thanks for sharing this clever idea!!!! Blessings, Angie