Thursday, April 18, 2013


Hello.  Welcome.  If you have found me, kudos to you.  My domain has been taken, and so I have had to change it a bit.  But, with two different entities involved (go daddy and blogger), my blog goes away after each of their updates.  Talk about frustrating, and totally overwhelming.  But, thank you for your visit.  Hopefully, this will all be straightened out, and a solution rectified soon.  
I will keep this current blog  header up till the end of the month.  I have since created a pretty new blog header, that has grey polka dots and pink accents.  So, incredibly 'me', and makes me happy.  So, on May 1st, look for that.
Thank you for stopping by.  I am planning on sending out an email to all of my followers, to give them my new URL, once it is 'permanent'.  

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