Saturday, April 20, 2013

a Good-bye to OCC

Wow, what a crazy week.  Last Saturday/Sunday, a person in Palo Alto, California had taken my domain. (their IP address:,  It took me almost 5 days to recover my blog, obtain a new domain, and be 'back-up and running'.

And on this Saturday, Our Creative Corner is saying 'Good Bye'.  What a whirl wind of events this week. 
Linda, who is the current owner of Our Creative Corner, is passing the site over to a new owner. (The new owner has already selected her design team, and I was not selected.)  So, this is my very last post as a OCC design team member. Linda, has asked the current design team members to post their favorite paper craft item that they created for Our Creative Corner.  My selection was actually a no-brainer.  I selected my very first paper craft item I designed for the team.  It is a window box that held chocolate covered cherries for a St. Valentine's Day gift.  
Here it is:

Jan 29, 2011  post
I remember the pressure that I felt to create something beautiful! and in my 'style'.  I actually still have this little box.  It sits on a shelf in my craft room.  I see it every time I am in there; crafting, creating, playing.  I am very grateful to Linda, for giving me the opportunity to be a design team member.  

Here are a few of my favorites that I crafted for OCC:
(the date of the original post, along with the link)

May 28, 2011  post

Sept. 3, 2011  post

Nov 19, 2011   post

Jan 28, 2012  post

June 23, 2012  post

July 7, 2012  post

Nov. 3, 2012  post

Jan. 12. 2013  post
I have really enjoyed working with the design team members @ OCC.  Each one of them are unique, creative, and very talented ladies.  I hope we have inspired you, and helped you step out of the 'box' and create something you really enjoyed!  
Thank you, to Linda, my followers, blog visitors, and the other design team members.  The encouragement that I have received has truly touched my heart, and given me the strength to create and share, with all of you!


rudlis said...

Sharon, well, that has a blog is ok! I've been here a few times, but I could not read it. Your cards are fabulous, unique. Thank you very much for a pleasant surprise. I received your card is lovely.

Stef Perry said...

Sharon, thank you so much for the amazing inspiration you provided at OCC. I will miss seeing your creations there each week.

Jill Norwood said...

Wow! Such beautiful projects all!!! :)

Anonymous said...

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