Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mixing Pattern Papers

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Ok, now back to the business at hand.  I have a girl friend who ask me if I could help her with mixing pattern papers.   She likes some of the things I have done, and wants a few pointers.  
The first and easiest way to mix pattern papers, is to use products from the same company (i.e. Stampin' Up!, Basic Grey, Paper Trey Ink, etc.).  That way your colors will match.  Then, if you use pattern papers from the same collection (Tea Time, Sweet Threads, etc.) they all coordinate.  The company has basically taken the guess work out of the equation, and simplified it.  But, you can take papers from various companies and achieve this same effect, it's just a little trickier.  The other pointer I have is that the busier/large pattern papers tend to be the 'heaviest', and so these should be used on larger scale items.  To bring out a 'less used' color, repeat it (i.e. if you love the yellow used in a floral pattern, use that color on the mat).  

You can also use a repeating color.  My first card illustrates this tip.  The brown and vanilla are repeated, but they are also paired with different patterns.  The main pattern has the brown, and pink.  To introduce the vanilla, I added a brown and vanilla polka dot paper.   But this also repeats the brown, so it looks like it 'belongs'.   To 'anchor' the brown, I added a solid piece of brown.  I did the same for the vanilla by adding an accent piece in just vanilla, the crochet trim.  To give the card some visual interest, I added a paper flower made from a text pattern. 

You can also repeat a shape.  My second card is the perfect example of that.  There are circles in the main pattern paper, both accent pieces used at the top, the top layer of the butterfly, the doily, and the button.  
There you have it!  My quick and easy lesson on Mixing Pattern Papers!  I hope this helped, and Thank You for visiting today!  Don't forget to come back tomorrow for your last chance to enter my Blog Candy give-a-way!

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Nichole said...

I love the cards (I suppose it doesn’t hurt that I love patterned paper which is the focus of these two cards, right?)! Our FANS Club was so much fun the other day – I can’t wait until next month.